How To Make Crispy French Fries

3 Delicious Ways To Prepare Your French Fries

– The first thing to take into account, as I already said, is the cut.

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To make crispy fries, we recommend using a pot with a narrow base and a wider, taller top; this will allow the potatoes to float in.

– The next step is to wash the potatoes.

– We drain the excess water well and proceed to fry the potatoes.

French fries: 3 delicious ways to cook them | Easy cook

– After this time, heat the oil to the maximum and put the potatoes in it.

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Home Cooking Recipes 3 delicious ways to prepare your French fries 3 delicious ways to prepare your French fries By Josselin Melara September 3, 0 Comment Rate this content! Votes: 84 Crunchy and salty. Get the perfect French fries with these 3 recipes. french fries. These are potatoes cut in the shape of a stick that are fried in hot oil and seasoned regularly with a little salt.

Although their name indicates that they come from France, the truth is that this country and Belgium dispute their creation. The story goes that, in the 17th century, a Belgian family with limited resources used to prepare fried fish to sell it and support themselves with its sale.

However, when winter came and when the river froze, this family used to replace the little fish with potatoes cut in the shape of a cane. It is from this story that the Belgians claim the creation of French fries. But the French also have their history. In fact, these potatoes are part of the gastronomic heritage of France, which is why they boast it as one of their national dishes. Fun Facts About French Fries July 13 is National French Fries Day in the United States.

Thomas Jefferson liked them so much that he later offered them at a state banquet. Years later Donald Trump would do the same. However, to date they have not been granted. The Gift of Good Manners Guide to Good Manners indicates that French fries are one of the few dishes that can be eaten with your hands. Potatoes around the world Types of French fries French fries are one of those dishes that have many styles around the world.

In Kenya they are known as masala potatoes, and they are seasoned with chili and garlic, dipped in masala sauce and lime juice is added. Holland has its patatje oorlog, potatoes accompanied by peanut sauce and mayonnaise, served with slices of raw onion. They usually serve them in paper cones and accompany them with mayonnaise. Cheese and gravy are added. In Japan they do like to innovate, because their French fries are prepared with a pizza flavor.

And Mexico could not be missing, where the potatoes are prepared accompanied by the famous sausage, and bathed in dressings of ketchup, cheddar cream cheese and hot sauce.