How To Make Fake Freckles

How to make fake freckles and make them look natural

-The simplest way is by using an eyeliner. It is best to use a brown one, as natural as possible, do not use it in black because then the.

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Thus, these are the products you need to make false freckles step by step: Two makeup bases; An eyeliner; Fine makeup brush; Eyebrow pencil.

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We love freckles because they provide that surfer and natural look that we love so much. The trend of false freckles are known as fake freckles in the.

How to make fake freckles and make them look natural – MaquillajeRossa

Make sure to make small spots and other larger ones, varying the design of them. When applying the eyeliner, make a point and a small twist with the.

how to make fake freckles

Who has blonde hair would like it to be dark. Those who have freckles do not want them, but those who do not have them can use some ingenious strategy to get them. Fake freckles, in fact, are able to give innocence to the look, making it, at the same time, sexy and seductive. There are many techniques, but above all the secrets, to obtain a natural and perfect result without too much difficulty.

Beauty news every week? Freckles usually belong naturally to people with a very fair complexion, blue or green eyes and blonde or red hair and dot the face especially in summer, when the sun enhances them. Fake freckles with self-tanner A first way to get fake freckles that look real involves the use of cream self-tanner. The advantage of using this technique lies in the result that can last up to a week after application as long as you have carefully prepared the skin on the base.

Among the many alternatives on the market, if you are a beginner and you are afraid of getting an uneven result, you can use spray formulations, perfect for having freckles with a natural effect. Here’s how to proceed: After washing your face with a gentle cleanser, spray self-tanner into a saucer, almost like a painter’s color palette.

Finally, wait for them to dry. Discover the perfect products for you: New S and Vaë.

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