How To Make Pancakes

Argentine Pancakes with Dulce de Leche. Dessert Very Easy to Prepare

In a large bowl, mix the flour, royal yeast (baking powder), sugar, and salt. Make a hole in the middle.

Home Recipes | how to make pancakes? Ingredients. 1 cup whole milk. 2 eggs. 1 cup of flour without baking powder. Oil.

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In the hole, add the milk, egg, and butter.

In a griddle or a large skillet over medium heat, put a tablespoon of dough or ΒΌ cup for each.

How to make pancake batter. easy recipe

To make the pancakes, heat a skillet over medium-low heat with a little oil or butter. When the pan is hot, add.

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Ingredients for 4 people

Wheat flour – grams Olive oil – 3 large tablespoons How to make the recipe for How to make pancake batter. Pour the milk and beat both ingredients with the help of the electric mixer. If you do not have one, you can also carry out this action with a hand mixer.

Next, add the flour little by little while we continue beating so that it is incorporated into the mixture. Once we have incorporated all the flour, heat a little olive oil in a non-stick frying pan. When the oil is hot, pour a little dough with the help of a ladle. The amount of dough will depend on the size of the pan used. Ideally, the dough should cover the entire surface, leaving it with a thickness of between 1 and 2 millimeters.

When we pour it, we move the pan so that it is distributed over the entire surface. We must turn it carefully so that it does not break. Once we have cooked it on both sides, we remove it from the pan and put it on a plate. Repeat the same process until all the dough is used up. We serve immediately accompanied by the filling that we want. Notes and Tips For the preparation of this recipe you can use both milk of animal origin and of vegetable origin.

We have tried to make it with cow’s milk and also with almond and soy milk, the result is spectacular with any of them. Flour can be pastry, baker’s or all-purpose flour.

The dough for homemade pancakes can be prepared the day before and kept refrigerated. When using it, we simply have to beat it again. Pancakes can be eaten up to several days after they are made. You can cook them using butter instead of olive oil, at your choice is the use of one or another ingredient. If you liked this recipe of How to make pancake batter.

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