How To Make Rayitos At Home

How To Make Rayitos At Home Step By Step What Materials Do You Need?

Are you thinking of renewing your look with a few highlights?? I tell you how to make them at home in just 5 steps. If you choose the right materials, the price of your.

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Oct – How to make highlights at home easily and cheaply. Rayitos or wicks, blond Rayitos, Rayitos at the base of the this video.

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1 Coat for dyeing · 2 Latex gloves · 3 Combs · 4 Hat with highlights and hook for highlights · 5 Tin foil · 6 Dye meter · 7 Mixing container · 8.

How to make highlights – Examples Of

Depending on the product, home highlight dye packs can lighten strands of hair between light blonde and light brown up to.

How to make highlights

One of the most important things when getting the highlights is the choice of color. Advertisements There are many theories about how to choose a color to make shadows or highlights. Others say that to enhance the face, rays are not enough. The truth is that today we see how some girls make blue or fuchsia rays. For me, the goal of highlights or anything done to the hair is always the same.

The person has to be satisfied and convinced of their look. Advertisements Advertisements The same goes for the color of the highlights. It is important to choose a color of highlights that favors you. To make the best choice, you have to take into account three things: Your hair color Your eye color That’s why I often find it funny when they come and tell me I want hair like "Miley Cirus". I would be lying to you if I told you that your hair will look the same as Myley Cirus’s.

Because as you see the result depends on those 3 variables that we named above. And that we do not get into the subject of the personality of each person because there we could spend several whole days discussing. I mean that the personality of each person makes their hair style.

But I do not want to expand on this topic. so we leave it there. Advertisements Advertisements The important thing is to choose a color that is compatible with your current hair color. What we are looking for is a color that gives depth to the current color of your hair and at the same time enhances it. The good thing is that there is not much science in this. It depends on you. Today there are limitations. Even if you are more daring it is fashionable these days to wear more extravagant colors. For example reddish or blue tones.

Then if you are one of those who like to experiment and play with your hair, you can try more “crazy” alternatives. Advertisements Crazy in quotes because these days what maybe 10 years ago would have been crazy today is absolutely normal.

If you have black hair, the shadows will help make it a little lighter. I recommend choosing warm tones. For example copper or chocolate tones. In colored hair it is not necessary to choose such light tones. With a couple of shades lighter than natural hair, very interesting effects can be achieved. They would be shades of orange. Again, if you are looking for a more noticeable change of look, you could try a shade closer to yellow.

I mean, the consultation has a price and that price is to get the rays in that room. In cosmetic stores, perfumeries or supermarkets that sell hair products and treatments you will find an area where hair dyes are found. These areas usually have samples with all hair colors.

With the help of a mirror we are going to look for the tone of our hair. Right now what we need to define is the tone of our hair. Once you find the tone of your hair, you will surely see that it is marked with a kind of code.

These codes are the ones used by manufacturers to recognize each of the colors. Each brand uses a different code. Advertisements Advertisements Once we know the tone of our hair color, we are in a position to choose a tone for the highlights. Generally it is recommended that it be 2 or 3 shades higher. If there is something you must understand, it is that there is no strict rule that says if you have brown hair you must make the rays of that color.

If you have blonde hair you should make the rays of such color. there are no such rules. Advertisements Advertisements As we said at the beginning, other factors come into play, such as the color of the eyes and the color of the skin. Then the rules become a matter relative to each person. If your hair is brown and your eyes are brown it’s one thing. Now if your hair is brown and your eyes are light blue, it’s a totally different thing. My recommendation is that you don’t think about it so much.

I mean, it’s not a matter of rushing out and getting lightning bolts in the first color that comes to mind. But if I think it’s a matter of trial and error. Many times the color that you think would look best on you, does not look so good. The color you thought would never look good on your hair turns out to give you a spectacular look. This same combination a couple of years ago would have been a sacrilege.

What’s more, many hairdressers would have refused to give you red highlights on brown hair. To finish with this part of the choice of tone for your hair, I tell you that you dare to play. If you are a rather demure person you can try little by little.