How To Make Wafers

Wafer Recipe

The wafers are a very flat and fragile bread, almost like a cookie, to which sweet creams, jams or arequipes are spread. It’s very easy to do.

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Dissolve the baking soda in tb water. Remove the milk/sugar from the heat and add the baking soda, then reheat. cook on fire.

Sweet wafers – Don’t know how to make wafers at home? Well, enter this recipe and only with flour, water, eggs, oil, sugar and anise, you will have them.

Wafers are an ideal recipe to have for breakfast, snack, as part of a dessert, in savory snacks, etc.

Homemade Wafers Recipe

How to Cook Perfect Homemade Wafers. and now you can prepare the most delicious homemade wafers just by following this step by step.

Homemade Wafers Recipe

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