How To Make Wax

How to Make Homemade Wax for Hair Removal

You can now make your own homemade wax with only three ingredients. A very economical way to remove hair from all over your body. Check it!

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Homemade depilatory wax Can you make depilatory wax at home? The answer is yes, and best of all, it is made with ingredients that most.

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You want to depilate with wax and also with a natural method? We are going to explain how to make homemade depilatory wax, with one ingredient.

We will put the three ingredients in a saucepan or in a pot and we will take them to the fire. Until the mixture boils, it is best that we have it on a high heat. When boiling, we can lower the heat and continue stirring with enough energy. To check it, we can take out a little of the mixture, let it cool for a while or pour it into a glass of water and try to shape it with our fingers.

At this point and with a golden pain, we have to be very careful so that it does not burn. That is why we can remove it from the fire, while we check its texture again. We need it to be a little sticky but we can mold it with our fingers. If it has reached this point, then it is time to turn off the heat and let it rest until it cools, but only a little so that it does not damage our skin.

After putting out the fire, we have to pour the wax into a container until it warms up. When we are going to use it, it is best to first apply a little moisturizing cream to our hands so that the wax does not stick to us.

For the area that we are going to wax, the best is talcum powder since this ensures that we can clean it and eliminate any type of moisture. We will take a little of the wax, make a ball with it and stick it in the area. We stretch it on the skin, always in the opposite direction to the hairline and pull down. Now, all that remains is to clean the depilated area well and apply a cream with a calming effect to avoid certain redness. If you have leftover wax, you can store it in a covered container and store in a cool place but not in the refrigerator.

Benefits of homemade wax It is perfect for sensitive skin as it does not cause any reaction. The remains can be removed in a very simple way and with water. If when you use it again, the wax has a much less manageable consistency, then we will have to soften it. The best way is to do it in the well-known bain-marie. We will withdraw when we see it perfect to be able to work with it.

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