How To Pierce Your Ear Without Pain

How to put on an earring for men without pain?

Put something solid.

However, as a general rule, postpone the piercing until your child is mature enough to care for the pierced site.

Focus on something else to take your mind off the piercing. Read a book or magazine. Chat with your friend or get to know your piercer a bit. talk.

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However, if you’re like the twins in the movie Twin Girls and you really want to get your ears pierced (either because you want to imitate your twin or.


Wash your hands well with soap and plenty of water. This way you will avoid the risk of infection. However, wear latex gloves. and put your hair up.

Remember that you can also go to a pharmacy, they do your ear piercings, I had my ears pierced, because I had 2 holes done at the time, I went to a pharmacy. If you are wondering how to put earrings in my ears, keep reading friend of the site. How to put on earrings for men Remember that ear piercings should be done with alcohol in hand and someone to help you, unless you want to do it alone, and that’s great, then I recommend you see the 84 machines Available at very low prices. Reasonable by following this Link on Amazon, Good luck and success with these tips dear reader.

Bear hug and welcome home Dear reader, if you are interested in this post on how to put on earrings without pain and it helped you, leave us a comment, we are very happy to be able to add value to you. As we mentioned above, you must follow the steps as if you did not have a hole, time passed and it is likely that they are well sealed. So you are going to go get ice from the fridge, then you wrap it in a napkin as thin as possible, so the cold passes through the fabric well.

With this done, support the ice and the napkin in the place where you want to open the hole. Once the area is asleep, you put alcohol abundantly on the place where you are going to make the hole. Ready it’s time to take action. You take the Earring that you bought in this case, I suggest that they be opening rings of tungsten, titanium or gold, or stainless steel, you support it on where the previous mark of the hole is and press until you pass to the other side, remember to disinfect the earring very well.

The other option you have is to go to a pharmacy and have them do it for you there, this would be my recommendation, since they have everything you need to carry out the task and you don’t worry about it. Well, reader and friend of the house, I hope I have helped you with this concern that you wrote to me by email. Always remember to go to professionals for these issues.

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