How To Prepare Breaded Chicken Breast

How to Make the Perfect Chicken Milanese

Forget eating those typical breaded chicken breasts full of oil and excess fat. I like to make it with 95% without oil. how to make chicken.

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Breaded Chicken Breasts with Cotija Cheese, crispy and juicy. A Mexican version of Chicken Parmesan. try it today!

Preparation · In a small bowl, combine the egg, milk and a pinch of pepper, mixing well. · Add a little salt to the chicken, then breaded.

Breaded Chicken Milanese Recipe. We are going to start by explaining each of the main ingredients that you will need to prepare this dish.

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Take care of your health and that of your family with these delicious low-fat breaded chicken breasts with oatmeal. They are easy to make and are accompanied by a.

Homemade chicken milanese step by step

So grab a plate and put the chicken fillets. Take another plate and fill it with breadcrumbs. The oil has to be on medium high heat but without going over. The first thing is to pass the chicken through the egg and with two forks we give it several turns so that the chicken is well soaked with the egg. Once on the plate, cover it completely with the breadcrumbs and turn it several times. You can do this with tweezers or with clean hands. When the oil is at its point we begin to fry the chicken fillets.

To eat: If you want to give it a special touch you can add chopped fresh parsley to the breadcrumbs and if you want it with a touch of spice you can add powdered cayenne pepper to the breadcrumbs, but don’t overdo it. You can eat these breaded fillets alone, in a sandwich with mayonnaise or with barbecue sauce and if you prefer, they also look great on a plate with a fresh salad.

I hope you like the recipe and that you enjoy this dish at the table. Greetings from the kitchen.