How To Prepare Chinese Food

How to Make Traditional Chinese Rice

I love this recipe for chicken and vegetable chow mein, it is about noodles in recent days and that can make you a complete meal.

Enjoying this sweet and sour sauce at home is easy, because it really is a recipe that is prepared in just 5 minutes. If you like chinese food for sure.

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of tasty chicken fried rice to satisfy your Chinese food cravings. The truth is that cooking the classic chicken fried rice recipe is.

Learn how to prepare Chinese vegetables with us to enjoy this delicious meal in Your recipe has been added to your list of cooked recipes.

Chicken and vegetable chow mein, delicious stir-fried Chinese noodles – Recipes from ¬°Esc√°ndalo!

Keep in mind that to obtain a Chinese recipe that really tastes like the country of China, it is important to use original Asian ingredients;.

Venezuelan Chinese Rice Recipe: ingredients and preparation

Butter Preparation Cut the cerely, paprika, leek garlic, chives and ham into small cubes. Book each one separately. Then place a tablespoon of butter in a non-stick pan and fry the cerely over low heat. Reserve in a large bowl In the same pan, without washing it, repeat the procedure with the garlic leek, peppers, ham, chives and bean sprouts. Place them in the same bowl along with the cerely.

Cut the chicken breast fillet into small cubes and fry. Place 6 cups of water in a saucepan to boil and then add the rice. Check the doneness, it should be al dente. Remove and add cold water to stop cooking.

Now you must take your non-stick pan again and place in equal parts, it can be 3 tablespoons of rice and 3 of the mixture of fried ingredients, add a touch of butter and soy sauce, to taste, mix and fry. Place on a large serving tray.

So that it cools quickly and the rice does not overcook. Continue with the rest of the fried ingredients and the rice, until finished. Enjoy your meal. Related Recipes.