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Pan-fried beef steak – Discover the correct way to cook a beef tenderloin steak, so that the meat is tender and juicy.

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It is a delicious and easy to prepare dish that you can serve as a daily meal for your family. You can accompany it with rice, salad and a few slices of.

10 Preparation time. This Turkey Onion Steak is the perfect replacement for a traditional red meat steak recipe. This recipe is.

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The meat is healthy and tasty, and if it’s a steak, your mouth immediately waters. It is a simple culinary preparation, but of great satisfaction. Alone.

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In Cuba, to make breaded steaks, ground biscuits are used. This ingredient gives breaded steaks a golden color when fried. It can be substituted for the usual breadcrumbs. It is generally used to season fish, poultry, meat or stews. This spice mix is ​​not spicy. It is prepared from powdered spices such as cumin and coriander.

It is the fresh fruit of the achiote, a shrub that grows mainly in Central America from the southern United States to Brazil. It is also found in tropical and subtropical regions such as Guadeloupe, the West Indies, and Guyana. Annatto has a characteristic red-orange color and is used as a food coloring.

Some tips for successful breading To get crispy, golden breaded steaks, you need to keep three things in mind: Pay attention to the temperature of the oil and wait until it is very hot. A trick to check the temperature of the oil is to dip a wooden spoon into the hot oil. Add enough oil to the pan so that the fillets do not absorb the oil.

Avoid squeezing the breadcrumbs over the meat so the breaded steaks come out crispy. Breaded Steak Variations In Italy, breaded steak is known as cotoletta alla milanese milanesa. Traditional Milanese chops are made with veal, not beef. In Austria, it is called Viennese Schnitzel, or Wiener schnitzel. Wiener schnitzel is an iconic dish in Austrian cuisine, and is also made with veal.

Print Breaded Bistec Breaded bistec is a popular Cuban dish consisting of a beef fillet that is breaded and then fried.

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