How To Preserve Ginger

How to Preserve Ginger

Take the fresh unpeeled ginger and wrap it in paper such as kitchen paper or paper napkins.

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ANSWER: Ginger is a plant native to the tropical areas of Southeast Asia and was the first spice to be introduced in Europe.

Put it inside a plastic bag with an airtight seal that is sold for food use.

Put the bag in the vegetable drawer of the fridge or freezer.

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How to preserve fresh ginger · First, take the fresh unpeeled ginger and roll it up with absorbent kitchen paper. · After.

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Share on WhatsApp How to preserve ginger. The problem comes when it comes to preserving it, since the pieces of ginger root that we can buy are usually quite large and the quantities used are tiny. With which any piece that we have left over can be used to make us an infusion.

How to keep ginger In the fridge Once we cut the piece of ginger that we are going to use, we must cover it with plastic wrap. Ginger can be stored in the fridge for at least a couple of months, you just have to keep in mind that before consuming it, we must discard the first piece. In the freezer In this way we will always have fresh ginger. To freeze it, you just have to cut it into rings and remove the brown part of the root.

Then we will put it in a freezer bag. We must make sure that the pieces of ginger do not touch each other, in this way it will be separated and we will be able to defrost pieces individually. Garlic and ginger paste Personally, if I think about how to preserve ginger, the first thing that comes to mind is to make a ginger and garlic paste.

This paste is often used in many Indian food recipes and is perfect for preserving ginger in perfect condition. Best of all, this pasta can be stored perfectly in the freezer as cubes or have it ready to use in a jar.

Preparing it is very simple, we just have to put garlic and ginger in the same proportion and crush them. To this we will add a little oil. To use it we just have to add it to our sauces, stir-fries, soups, etc… Now you know how to preserve ginger.