How To Read My Astrological Chart

How to Interpret the Astral Chart

The birth chart is a self-knowledge tool that starts from your date and time of birth. With these data you will obtain your sun sign.

This tool is the map of the sky when we are born that gives us the positions of the planets. The best known is the solar position.

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There are 12 astrological signs and, like the houses, in the wheel of the birth chart each sign corresponds to.

astrological chart reading. Below are the components of said chart and what they represent, according to the Astropedia blog. astrological houses.

How to Interpret the Astrological Chart • AstroMundus

If you would love to read your birth chart, but you have no idea how to do it, what is it and where to calculate my birth chart for free.

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What are the 12 houses in a birth chart?

The birth chart is divided into four zones, delimited by a vertical axis and a horizontal axis. From these data your personal map is generated. Starts in House 1 personality. It begins in the 7th House which rules relationships.

The MC represents our goals and our social role. Start in House 4 which manages the affairs of the home. It represents our past, our origins, our family, our roots. It is the basis of our personality. This is a process that may require some time and dedication.

So, in which House are the two stars positioned?. In Astrology, the Sun and the Moon are considered planets. Sun sign is the sign that was aligned with the Sun at the time of our birth. It is the conscious side, our true essence, our ego. It refers to feelings, our emotional life and how we react to events socially and privately.

Shows the way we deal with our feelings and emotions. It is our unconscious side. Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet. Look in which house it is. Use your intuition to do this reading, trying to see in the symbology of the elements what helps you define your way of acting and thinking. For Astrology, the planets are archetypes that shape and drive our actions and that play a certain role in our lives.

Mercury is the ability to relate to and understand other people. It is the planet of thoughts, communication and emotional intelligence. Venus, on the other hand, shows our tastes and how we treat what we appreciate. Regulates the world of love and desires, lust, artistic expression and the pleasures of life.

In general, each House has two signs. Also analyze the sign of the Midheaven. Index Interpret the Astrological Chart in a Synthetic way Now that you have all the information you need to interpret your astrological chart, make a summary.

At this point, a summary.