How To Read The Astral Chart

How to Interpret the Astral Chart

The birth chart is a self-knowledge tool that starts from your date and time of birth. With these data you will obtain your sun sign.

They go through the astrological houses at the time of reading the astral chart, divided into twelve, one for each sign and month of the year.

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In other words, the birth chart represents the sky as if it were a game board with certain elements (Astrological Houses and Zodiac Signs) on it.

According to experts, with the birth chart you can determine the personality or the future of an individual. Astrological chart reading Houses.

✨ How to READ your STAR CHART (easy step by step guide)

hello chiquiss! Here I am to tell you a little more about what our Astral Chart or Natal Chart is about and how we can better understand it.


House IV Represents the relationship with parents, childhood, origins and traditions of the consultant The beginning of House IV coincides with another component of the astral chart, which is the Fondo Cielo FC, which symbolizes the encounter with the origins of the consultant. Also, define what we like, our hobbies and creativity. It is the house that represents our relationship with children and children in general, including our inner child. House VIII Represents common goods, material losses, also the occult, sexuality, transformation and death This house is related to death and the attitude we take about it, as well as transformation and the ability to regenerate ourselves.

Likewise, it defines our attitude regarding sexuality and union with the other person. It is also associated with curiosity about the occult, mysteries, fears, transformations and instability. House IX Long trips, higher studies, spirituality, philosophy and religion House IX is associated with distant places and long trips, as well as higher studies, philosophy and relationship with the spirituality of the consultant.

House X Related to achievement, vocation and achievement of goals The beginning of House X coincides with another aspect of the natal chart: the MC Midheaven, which represents social achievement and goal achievement. It is also related to status, social recognition and our contribution to the community. House XI Friends, groups, teams and projects This house is related to the friendships and associations of which the consultant is a part. It also has to do with social life and the teachers that we will find in life.

It also represents the hopes, ideals, projects and strong desires related to the social group. It is also associated with recurrent illnesses, withdrawals and prolonged confinement, as well as hidden enemies that we do not know. There are 12 astrological signs and, like the houses, in the wheel of the birth chart each sign corresponds to a house starting with the sign of Aries, which corresponds to the astrological House I.

Learning what characterizes each sign is a fundamental part of knowing how to read your birth chart. Sincere, direct and impatient; likes to start projects with optimism and enthusiasm. Taurus is very sensual and dedicated to pleasures and material goods; giving much importance to the physical plane and possessions.

He is usually slow to act but he does it conscientiously and lasts over time. They need commitment and familiarity to feel safe; cling to their possessions and relationships. Patient, cool, attentive, considerate, and calm, though can be inflexible and stubborn.

He is able to see different points of view, talented to not see a single truth in things and relate to different types of people. Introverted, likes to care for others and be cared for. Taste for children, reluctant to grow up; great intuition and receptivity to other people’s emotions. They tend to be conservative and give a lot of importance to the family. dumped into the past. Virgo adapts to situations and takes advantage; serve the community humbly, without needing to be the center of attention.

Difficulty seeing other points of view. Surrenders to your material needs. Highly values ​​art, aesthetics and being in company. She has healing, intuition, and empathy skills; although he is capable of using the vulnerabilities of others to heal or harm. You constantly try to broaden your horizons, whether traveling or doing research; wishes to acquire knowledge until the end of their lives to understand the world as a whole. Their optimism makes them forget the dark aspects of life, and they can fall into depression when the world reminds them of these less pleasant aspects of life.

They adhere to the rules of society and yearn to be recognized by it, being able to assume responsibilities and work very hard. Persevering, patient and dedicated to long-term projects; disciplined and orderly. They can be severe, for them the end justifies the means; they like the traditional and to advance in the social.

They believe in a good and free society, because they love freedom. Aquarius is very independent, does not support routine or impositions. Curious by nature, he is attracted to the mysterious; great instinct and creativity, although reluctant to arrange things. They reject the superficial, they are innovative and able to relate to a lot but without committing themselves completely.

Humanitarian and altruistic; great futuristic vision of life. They tend to prefer dreams to the real world, they want to be saved and save others; has great adaptability. In astrology this term also includes the Sun the Moon, and as with astrological signs, each planet has an energetic correspondence with each astrological house, such as the planet Mars has correspondence with House I, and Venus with House II.

The thing about the natal chart is that its elements are going to be variable, depending on your date and time of birth. These characteristics are key when learning how to read your birth chart. To understand how to read the natal chart you have to observe the location of the planets at the time of birth.

Communication, way of understanding the world, intellect and mental faculties Mercury is the planet that describes our faculties of communication, learning and study. It represents the initiative, the energy to act, the spirit of conquest and instinctive acts. Mars is the planet that represents active sexuality, aggressiveness; our relationship with the masculine.

Saturn Represents the strength of will, concentration, perseverance and sense of duty Saturn is the planet that symbolizes the attitude of the consultant against the norms of society, the material prevails over the spiritual.

It is also related to self-criticism and the maturation of the person. Uranus The originality, revolution, independence and rebellion of the individual Uranus represents the revolutionary side of the person, the creative and unpredictable inspiration. Also associated with progress and technological advance. Due to its distance from the earth, this planet takes 14 years to go through a sign of the zodiac, influencing this sign in entire generations of people.

Pluto Symbolizes transformation, regeneration and our ability to change Pluto is associated with death, sexuality from a psychic perspective, hidden things, control of emotions and power. The Ascendant ASC The ascendant is the zodiacal sign that is on the horizon at the moment of our birth. How to read your birth chart step by step 1. Find your sun sign Sun Represents our ego, the potential we can reach in our life. This is the aspect that we all know of our birth chart, the one we usually read in horoscopes.

The Sun tells us how we relate to our father and to the masculine. The rising sign is the one that rises on the horizon of the sky at the exact moment of your birth. Find your lunar sign Moon The moon represents our emotions, our feelings and the way we relate to our mother and the feminine.

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