How To Refresh A Room

Simple Tricks To Refresh A Room

Pull down the blinds and close the doors.

Use cotton or silk sheets to sleep.

Avoid heat sources.

use fans.

11 Inexpensive Ways To Cool Your Home This Summer | CNN

water the plants.

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Scrub the floor 5 simple steps to cool your room In our day to day we keep our air conditioning active 24 hours a day and the next step is the surprise at the end of the month of the energy bill. Although with this heat we are not able to stop using our air conditioning, we can reduce energy consumption.

Following these 7 tips: 1. A window open at a bad time that we justify with the fact that we had the blind pulled all the way down, we believe is enough. The reality is that it is not so. The blinds must be closed since the heat that they can give off through the cracks can enter your room. Ventilate at night During the day it is normal that we do not leave any windows open since, as we have said previously, it would only increase the heat of the place.

However, there are hours with less risk of producing heat. If we open the window at night, we will be able to ventilate the room and have it ready. Change the light bulbs The main recommendation is to use led systems. Adapt the fabrics of the room Although in summer we do not usually use fabrics such as leather or corduroy, we may have something similar in the room and that produces an increase in temperature.

Scrub the floor Scrubbing the floor makes us avoid maintaining a feeling of warmth. If we do it close to the night, when the heat begins to decrease, we will keep that decrease in our room. With these 7 tips you can get a refrigerated room. With this we will be able to reduce our use of air conditioning, although not eliminate it from our day to day.