How To Remove A Hickey

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Quickly and Easily

A massage. Massage the area.

Toothbrush and toothpaste.

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Ice. Another trick to remove.

From Black To Light Brown Without Bleaching

Alcohol. This product also helps.

How to remove a hickey? – cosmopolitan magazine

hemorrhoidal cream.

what is a hickey?

In general, hickeys are usually made on the neck, which is usually exposed and that is why people want to remove the marks as soon as possible. If you want to speed up the process to eliminate that telltale mark that has remained on your skin, keep reading the following tips. To avoid overstretching the area, use a little baby body oil or sweet almond oil.

Next, change the direction of the massage, so that the accumulated blood is better distributed. You can do this massage several times a day. Apply ice By putting ice on the skin, the blood vessels constrict and the bleeding stops. Of course, you must be careful not to burn your skin with the ice: wrap it in a cloth before applying it to the area.

Put alcohol For this remedy to work, you have to apply it immediately after the hickey appears. You have to wet a cotton ball with alcohol and place it on the hickey, performing a circular massage in the same direction for several minutes. Then change the direction of the massage to the other side. You have to wet a cloth or gauze in hot water and put it on the hickey, exerting a little pressure to lower the tone of it.

Repeat the process several times a day until it is completely gone. With a gentle massage with your fingers, apply the ointment on the reddened area. Put on anti-hemorrhoidal cream Hemorrhoid products also speed up the disappearance of hickeys. Place mint tea For this trick, you need to place a hot mint tea bag on the hickey, always being careful not to burn yourself.

When it cools down, put the bag in the freezer, alternating hot and cold so that the blood flows better. Remember that the tea has to be mint if you want it to help reduce inflammation and stimulate blood circulation. How to camouflage hickeys If your skin is too sensitive or the hickey has been too intense, it is likely that the above remedies will not be enough to make the hickey disappear.

But don’t worry, there are ways to cover hickeys. For example, use a striking shirt or powerful makeup, so that all eyes are focused on it. To do this, first use a greenish tone corrector to reduce the reddish tone of the hickey, and then apply your usual makeup base.

If you don’t have makeup or don’t feel like wearing it, you can always resort to a scarf, bandana or turtleneck, weather permitting.