How To Remove Dandruff With Lemon

Dandruff: Fight It With Lemon And Aloe Vera

Squeeze the juice of a lemon. Moisten your hair. · Apply lemon juice all over your hair. Massage the scalp with your fingers for.

Lemon on the scalp is used to remove dandruff, lemon has been used in beauty products for a long time.

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Applying the juice of a lemon to the scalp helps treat dandruff. That is why it can be used to eliminate dandruff with.

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As aloe vera and lemon are attributed antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it is considered that their mixture in the same.

Dandruff: fight it with lemon and aloe vera – Atlantia

Lemon is normally used as an ingredient in anti-dandruff masks (mixed with sugar and peppermint, for example). white vinegar or.

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Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater. It is that little torture that removes beauty from the hair, that fills the shoulders with those white remains that attract attention and that embarrass. We do not like it, it is not aesthetic or healthy. Dandruff is often considered a mild form of seborrheic dermatitis. It has various causes and although lack of cleanliness is often mentioned a lot, the truth is that it can often appear as a result of the irritation that a personal hygiene product produces on the scalp.

This treatment does not require special preparation, you just need to have the following ingredients on hand. Just one 20 grams. Once you have it, start massaging dry hair. Try to get it to the scalp and that the whole head is moistened with the gel. Rinse and have the juice of a lemon ready for a new massage.

Once you have done this gentle massage and the juice has been well impregnated, rinse with warm water. It may interest you: 5 best benefits of aloe vera for health 2. Great, now you just need to get two fresh sprigs of rosemary to make a remedy to combat dandruff in the hair.

Avocado rises as a moisturizer, rich in essential oils, combined with rosemary, helps regulate the production of Malassezia furfur and helps fight dandruff, without mistreating the scalp. Get the paste from half an avocado. Make the rosemary infusion. Boil ml of water and add two sprigs of rosemary. When it reaches a boil, allow it to rest, and then mix it with the avocado cream. Apply the preparation on dry hair.

It may interest you: Tricks to eliminate dandruff in children 3. On the other hand, it is said that its application can help regulate the appearance of dandruff. Therefore, it is best not to abuse it. Now put a tablespoon of bicarbonate 20 grams in a glass of water. Stir well and then let it fall little by little on your hair. Repeat the massage so that the bicarbonate is impregnated in the scalp. Now, rinse your hair normally and wash with a conditioner.

First, dilute a tablespoon of 20 ml white vinegar in a glass of water. Take it to the fire and add 5 mint leaves. Make the infusion and allow it to rest. When it has been well impregnated in our hair, wash normally. And finally, avoid natural remedies in these cases, as they could be counterproductive. you might be interested

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