How To Remove Hickeys

How to remove hickeys?: 7 Effective Tricks

Alcohol helps get rid of hickey. However, for this remedy to remove hickeys to work, it must be applied almost immediately after.

Eliminate hickeys with ice Another way to eliminate hickeys is by using ice, since the low temperature causes the blood vessels to.

This is what usually happens with hickeys, those spots that appear on the neck when someone kisses it very intensely. They are some bruises.

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10 Tricks to remove hickeys quickly, 5 minutes is enough. · two. Makeup 3. Brush 4. Frozen coin or spoon 5. Peel of.

▷▷How to Remove Hickeys?: 7 Effective Tricks

It doesn’t sneak, not even joking, I’m in a hurry, right? You want to know how to remove a hickey, or how to remove a hickey mark to save yourself trouble? Here there is.

Next, How to remove a hickey with toothpaste?

Wrap the ice in a tissue so it doesn’t cause you pain. another hickey. Use the Brush with a Little Toothpaste Two hygiene tools that are not lacking in the home: the brush and toothpaste. With them you can eliminate those hickeys that, although you like them, you do not want them to leave traces. Add toothpaste if it is much better mint toothpaste to the brush, then gently massage the bristles into the affected area so that the blood flows and new blood circulates.

Medical studies reveal that toothpaste causes blood vessels to spread and blood to flow. The Magic of Vitamin K: Spinach, Parsley, Chard, among others… Although it is a somewhat late recommendation, it can be your greatest ally after a sexual encounter, it is vitamin K, ideal for removing hickeys.

This vitamin is found in foods such as spinach, parsley, chard, among other legumes that we often have at home and do not use in these cases. Hiding the coupons is easy 5. The trick is to apply it once the reddish or purple stain appears. For that, take a cotton swab with alcohol and apply a circular massage on the mark. Painful But Effective It is impressive what an interested person can do to leave no trace of a sexual encounter.

In this case, we present the coin, an effective tool to erase hickeys. To fulfill the task, you must stretch the skin where the mark appears, then pass the edge of the coin repeatedly. It is a bit painful but very effective technique. The important thing is that you do not press hard but with pressure so that they do not damage the skin. When we refer to a hot compress, it is a cloth dipped in a little warm water, then you remove the excess water and pass it over the affected area.

Among other techniques, it occurs to us that turtleneck clothing could be an effective way so that no one notices how intense the sex was and how much your partner sucked you.