How To Remove Saltiness From Food

How To Take The Salt Out Of Food: All Is Not Lost

Add raw potato. Not everyone knows that the starch present in the potato absorbs salt.

How to remove the salt from stews and soups? apple or potato peeled and cut according to the recipe, this ingredient will absorb excess salt. Yes.

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Add a pinch of sugar.

A piece of bread.

How to take the salt out of food: simple tips | Easy cook

Double the amounts.

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How to fix a salty stew by Here are 3 tricks to fix a salty stew and succeed at the table as if nothing had happened. With the tricks of Divina Cocina everything can be fixed!! Naturally, all the tricks happen because the stew is still on the fire, in the pot. It is best to try to remedy as soon as possible.

If it is not a stew, but some cooked vegetables or meat, it may be enough to pass them under the tap of cold water and let them drain and dry. TRICK 1. As an example we serve many meat stews and all those that carry creams and creams.

Add a mixture of milk and soda in equal parts and well beaten, mix and we can taste. What you have to do is chop a potato, add it to the stew and give it a good boil so that it cooks in the sauce. The potato completely absorbs the excess salt from the stew. Try not to undo too much because then we will have to remove it. Bread absorbs a lot of salt but it also takes a lot of liquid.