How To Remove Stains On The Legs

How to remove stains on legs

Bicarbonate: this product is the whitening par excellence because it exfoliates the skin, helping to eliminate.

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spots on the legs. Abdou is 8 years old and his legs itch. I would like to know how to remove mosquito bite stains. › › Remove skin blemishes.

Mix lemon juice and half natural yogurt in a bowl. Apply it on the crotch, previously washed and dried and let it act for.

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Chamomile flowers are ideal for removing blemishes or scars on the legs. Prepare an infusion with a liter of water and several.

4 home remedies to remove stains on the legs

One of them is due to aging as well as hormonal changes. But also hair removal and especially if we talk about the blade as the chosen method. Sometimes too tight clothes are blamed. Continuous friction is what will cause some wear and tear on the skin and translates into dark spots that we neither want nor need. If we have an excess of melanin, we will also notice how parts of the skin darken.

Natural yogurt mask Natural yogurt is one of the best home remedies against dark spots on the skin. To make the mask the truth is that it is a very simple step. Simply apply yogurt to the area to be treated. We wait a couple of minutes and we can remove it with water. Now it only remains to apply a good moisturizer and that’s it.

We can repeat this same step a couple of times a week and we will soon notice the result. We will make a mixture with half natural yogurt and the juice of a lemon. We will apply it in the area to be treated and wait half an hour. Then we remove with water and we can repeat every day for a week to get the result. Honey and oil Honey is another of those ingredients that cannot be lacking in our beauty remedies. In this case, it comes from the hand of the oil to give us a perfect combination.

To do this we have to mix a tablespoon of oil with another of honey and the juice of a large lemon, or two small lemons failing that. When they are all well mix we will apply it in the area to be treated and wait about 20 minutes. After that time, remove with water and you only have to repeat the process every night.

Exfoliation of the skin Before opting only for the home remedies mentioned, we must bear in mind that a good exfoliation is also one of those steps that we cannot forget. Because it removes dead cells and regenerates the skin. It is important to keep this in mind because it will also help us in this process of saying goodbye to dark spots. In a matter of a few minutes, we will have our scrub ready, which we will pass through the area to be treated, to remove with water afterwards.

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