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The buffalo hump is an abnormal subcutaneous accumulation, which forms like a lump of fat under the skin, at the level of the neck and shoulders.

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You have to try to keep your chin off the ground as much as possible so that the movement is carried out in the lower cervical area. Hold for 5 seconds and.

The sleeping positions that are best for your spine – Neurocirugía de la Torre

This physical condition is called cervical kyphosis, although it is also commonly known as buffalo hump.

Identify the source of the problem

All specialists recommend sleeping at least between 7 and 8 hours each night, to recover the physical and mental energy spent during the day. But, obviously, rest and recovery are not optimal if they are not carried out in the right conditions. That is what happens, for example, with the body. Bad postures at night, added to those accumulated during the day, are the cause of many of the discomforts and back ailments.

For this reason, specialists give some indications of the best postures to adopt for night rest, in which not only comfort but also the structural ergonomics of the spine are taken into account, so that it can also rest and sleep is restful. in every sense. The best option: sleeping on your back All the experts agree: sleeping on your back is the best for your spine. And it is that in this way it rests with the spine straight, without forcing it, and equally distributing all the weight of the body.

To sleep on your back, it is advisable to use a thin pillow, which does not raise and arch your head too much and thus helps maintain the straight position of the spine in the cervical area. Sleeping on your side, another good choice Sleeping on your side is another acceptable option to take care of your back while you sleep. The worst option: sleeping on your stomach Medical professionals generally do not recommend sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on the front of the body forces the neck to remain turned for many hours in an inappropriate position.

Sleeping on your stomach can cause serious back problems, especially cervical problems. For those who cannot fall asleep in any other position than face down, it is best to sleep without a pillow or, failing that, use a very thin and sparse pillow. Fetal position, another position to avoid Sleeping in the fetal position is a very bad option for the back, since in this way the straight alignment that the spine should have is lost.

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How to remove the hump