How To Thicken The Penis Home Remedies

15 Remedies to ENLARGE PENIS Size

Hold the head of.

Take a hand towel or a piece of absorbent cloth and dip it into the pot. Then squeeze it just a little, just enough so that when you take it out it doesn’t drip.

Repeat these steps once or twice a day for about 5 minutes.

Eat ice

To do this, hold the penis 1 cm below the glans using the thumb and index finger. Then you have to stretch forward until.

▷ 15 Remedies to ENLARGE PENIS Size

Warm up the bottle of lubricant by putting it in the bathtub with you, if you decide to take a bath, or by submerging it in a bowl of hot water for.

Now we give you all the answers. In one such study, for example, it was stated that both men and women overestimate the average length of an erect penis. Of all the respondents in this study, all answered that it was around 13.8 cm, while the average erect penis in men measures around 13.12 cm when erect. The average circumference perimeter of an erect penis is 11.66 cm. And on the opposite side exactly the same, since only 5 of each have a penis that measures less than 10 centimeters.

The average size of the man’s penis around the world In Spain, the Andrology Association comments that the average length of the male member when erect is 13.58 centimeters. There is also another study that reflects the position of the Spanish in the world ranking, which places them in position 86 with an average of 13.58 centimeters, in terms of the circumference of the male member, Spain has an average of 12.19 centimeters.

These figures are a global average, from a survey of participants from different countries. Looking at the responses by country, there seems to be a big difference in estimated and ideal penis length. You have to have a full erection. In this case you have to take the ruler or ruler, stand up holding the head of the glans with one hand and extend it but without stretching it.

Put the ruler on the side instead of the top and place the ruler or tape measure. What is penis enlargement or lengthening Penis enlargement or penile enlargement consists of a variety of techniques aimed at increasing the size of the human penis, either in circumference or length, without loss of rigidity, that is, of his erectile capacity.

The penis usually grows until the years of age, except in men who suffer from "micropenis" in which case the growth of the penis stops. However, thanks to numerous medical studies of normal penises and micropenis, it is concluded that the virile member can be enlarged thanks to stimulation with exercises and other techniques and natural remedies.

The exercises of the jelqing method or also known as milking, are exercises that serve both to lengthen and increase the thickness of the penis. It is about increasing the amount of blood inside the penis at the same time that the cavernous bodies of the same are increased, in order to increase the size. These are the steps to perform the jelqing exercise correctly: Lubricant: Before starting, lubricate your penis well with a preferably water-based lubricant.

It is necessary that the penis is a little relaxed so that you can make the blood flow inside it in each pass of the milking. OK-shaped grip: The fingers and index of your hand should make the OK sign and hold your penis with this grip. Movement: With a firm and slow pressure, begin to make the movement towards the glans. It doesn’t have to hurt, but it has to be strong enough to move blood to the glans.

Stop when you reach the glans: Each pass can take between seconds if you seek to lengthen the member or between seconds if you want to work on the thickness. Repeat the movement: Repeat the passes until you reach a full 20-minute session if you do it for less time you do not get to “accustom the member to the movement of blood. Here are some of the variations of the Jelqing exercise: Dry Jelqing: Dry or lube-free jelqing is slightly less pleasurable.

V-jelg: This variant emphasizes the thickness and sides of the penis. It is done by grabbing the penis with the index and middle fingers with the palm of the hand facing towards you, you grab the penis with these two fingers forming a V. One-hand jelqing: One-hand jelqing is as simple as its name suggests.

It is done with only one hand, instead of alternating one hand and the other before doing each jelg, it is advisable to press down to the base of the pubis. You can use them before and after jelqing. Kegel Kegels were discovered by Dr. However, Kegels are not just for women, as any man can perform these exercises. The next time you go to urinate, it interrupts or slows down the flow of urine.

Loosen the contraction and repeat: Loosen the contraction, repeat and do 10 reps. Gradually increase the intensity until you can hold each contraction for 10 seconds. When you perform the exercise correctly you should be able to feel your testicles rise slightly. Best of all, Kegels don’t require you to use your hands or legs, so you can do them anywhere, anytime.

It consists of subjecting changes to the reaction volume of the tissues when they are subjected to a continuous traction power. Contains a ball hanging from the ring, usually comes attached to the ring. Magnetic Weights: They are silicone bands which manage to adapt to any type of penis. Fits with a pair of magnetic beads and a weighted steel ball.

It has the ease that you can carry it with you for several hours and they are not noticed, since they are very discreet. If your penis is crooked, with this device it can be straightened by having it in use in approximately 6 to 7 months. Stretching routine Simple penis stretches are penis enlargement exercises different from the previous ones. It is about stretching the penis in different directions to work on the flexibility of the member.

You must do this exercise 10 times every 3 minutes, having a rest period of 1 minute between rounds. Exercise 2: sit down, grab your member and wrap it with a towel by pulling the tip of the towel from the inside out. Of course, be careful and do not stretch it too much, since you can get hurt. Repeat 6 times for 2 minutes each time. Exercise 3: With this exercise you must be careful and not end up turning it into a masturbation.

Grab your penis, hold your hand securely to the trunk and then do slow stretches in a steep way. You can do it 10 times with intervals of 10 seconds and repeat 15 times later, come back at 30 minutes. With the right hand grab the penis below the glans and pull it out. The left arm is located under the penis and, when you have already stretched it with the other hand even with the left hand, hold the wrist of the right arm and push up using the movement of the arm.

Hold it for 20 seconds. We have a perfect guide to shaving the genitals. Natural products to enlarge the penis Herbs and natural supplements Some herbs are known for their properties when it comes to improving blood circulation and having better quality erections, so they will also help you increase the size of the penis if you take them regularly.

In fact, many of these herbs may sound like sexual aphrodisiacs to you as they also have that advantage or benefit. They are herbs that you can buy online as well as in herbalists or natural food stores, in tea or pill format in most cases. Always find out what amount is recommended for each of them since some could have side effects.

Gingkgo biloba: This is an herb that is taken to improve memory, but it also helps improve blood flow to the penis. Korean Ginseng: Korean ginseng root improves the nervous system through ginsenosides and is known to have positive effects on sexual intercourse. Peruvian Maca: Maca is also considered an aphrodisiac herb. Natural pills On the other hand, another option is specific natural pills or pills for penis enlargement.

To enhance the results you should use them as a complement to penis enlargement exercises, this would be the perfect combination. There are many types of pills to enlarge the male member depending on their composition, although at the end of the day they all have the same effects, they increase the blood flow of the penis. You can find stores specialized in this subject, but we recommend that you inform yourself very well about the ingredients and the appropriate doses based on your age and health status.

Seeds Some seeds are high in Zinc, which is a mineral well known for promoting erections and helping the natural growth of the penis. Contains Zinc, an essential element to maintain adequate testosterone levels.

Men with short penises feel the shame of not being able to count on a good tool that leaves their women totally satisfied. This makes him a target of criticism and even ridicule. Some do something to increase the size of their penis, while others simply believe that this is impossible and adapt to living a limited life of pleasure by resigning themselves to having a short penis. When you start using it, it keeps the blood in the penis and it stays erect for a while.

Penis massage pumps consist of a tube that can be made of different materials, into which the penis is inserted; a circular band that is placed at the base of the penis and the pump itself, which can be operated manually or by an electric battery. This penis enlargement device has a suction effect that increases the blood circulation of the penis. There are numerous makes and models on the market.

Penis Straps This is a shower restraint strap that works great with penis massage pumps. It helps you to hold the tip of the penis and to be able to do the exercises of the massage pumps without having to hold it with your hands. In short, it is an accessory that depends on others to get the most out of it. Penis rings Although its effect is only partial, it increases the thickness of the penis while you have it on, its function is to retain blood circulation in the virile member to expand the tissues.

A penis ring fits snugly around the base of the penis during intercourse and is placed on the penis after the initial onset of erection. Penile extenders This penis extender or enlarger has silicone protectors on the glans and the base of the penis and includes a traction bar with a fairly discreet design that allows the penile extender to go unnoticed.

It is necessary that you follow the instructions to the letter and that you be consistent with the device. Many of these products claim that in just six months the penis can be enlarged by 2 to 3 centimeters. Of course, we anticipate that they are somewhat uncomfortable. Each male body is a world and it is a matter of patience and persistence. Please tell us what you think and leave your grain of sand in the form of a comment.

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