How To Wash White Sneakers

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How to clean white shoes Depending on their material, you can wash them with water and neutral soap or a tablespoon of dishwashing soap.

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One of the secrets so that white sneakers do not stain yellow is that you absorb most of the water with a towel. That is, put a towel.

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Prepare a mixture with baking soda and white vinegar, then rub your sneakers with a brush until the stains are removed.

How to wash your white sneakers without failing

To leave your sneakers completely white add the baking soda, vinegar and soap in a bucket with water. stir perfectly.

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Blog White shoes are no longer exclusive for school, they are very important footwear in fashion combinations for our children. hot water and cold water 3. Toothbrush or soft bristle brush. Laundry detergent or blue soap or liquid detergent for white colors. Baking soda. Rinse, squeeze and let dry on the clothesline. Stir by hand to mix the products and put the sneakers.

The water should cover them completely. With the toothbrush scrub the footwear on all sides, until removing as much dirt as possible. Let dry on the clothesline. Allow to dry at room temperature. We are a brand specialized in Children’s Footwear. We have the best brands, excellent quality materials, exclusive models and everything at a fair price. Titinos, the best friend of children.