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Genital Bleaching: Vaginal And Anal Bleaching Procedures

Genital whitening allows you to lighten and whiten your genital area. Discover how this treatment will beautify your intimate area.

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I have itching and discomfort in the tail and dryness or small cracks around the anus that could be? How can I whiten my intimate area without irritating it?.

Genital Bleaching: Vaginal and Anal Bleaching Procedures – Richard Troy

Maintain maximum hygiene in periods such as menstrual flow. It is recommended to keep the genital area clean with moist toilet paper. mismatches.

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Systemic conditions such as Cushing’s disease and Addison’s disease. Anal and vaginal whitening procedures There are many ways to whiten and even out the tone of the anal and vaginal area with the rest of the body. It is recommended to always go to a specialist, such as a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon, and not resort to home treatments: these areas are very sensitive and inappropriate treatments can cause irritation or damage and complications.

Improves hydration, coloration and skin quality. By interfering with tyrosinase activity, it reduces melanin synthesis and exhibits skin lightening properties. G-Peel genital peeling treatment The G-Peel treatment is a type of chemical peel specifically formulated for the genital area. Due to the high sensitivity of the vagina and anus and the continuous friction with clothing, aggressive treatment could damage the skin and cause complications.

After cleaning the area, the solution is applied to the skin for minutes and then gently removed. This process should be repeated every two weeks for about two months or until the desired results are achieved. Dermo-electroporation Also known as transdermal electroporation, dermo-electroporation is a technology that uses a medical device that emits electrical impulses and changes the permeability of the skin, allowing large molecules to be delivered into the deep layers of the skin instead of simply being applied to the surface of the skin with little or no penetration, depending on the properties of the molecule.

Vitamin C creams used in conjunction with dermal electroporation devices can help achieve genital clearance. Risks and Complications of Anal and Vaginal Bleaching As with many other cosmetic female genital procedures, there is a lack of data, long-term studies, and information on the side effects and complications of anal and vaginal skin bleaching treatment.