How To Whiten Underarms Fast

3 Super Effective Home Remedies To Whiten Underarms

Prepare a creamy paste by mixing four tablespoons of baking soda and water.

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Peel and chop a cucumber to add it together with a little lemon in a blender. ยท With clean and dry skin, apply the remedy all over the skin.

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Mix well until the paste takes shape.

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Apply the mixture on the.

How to whiten armpits: 3 super effective home remedies

Then wash your.

Be careful with deodorants

The armpits can darken progressively as a result of different factors: Hair removal: The constant use of the razor causes irritation and spots on the skin. Accumulation of dead cells: The skin needs cell renewal, which we can facilitate with exfoliation. Acanthosis nigricans: This skin condition can be caused by an alteration in insulin levels or glandular function and cause a darkening of the neck, armpits and groin.

Be careful with deodorants When we talk about the armpit area, we always have to keep in mind how important it is to use the right deodorant, especially if we are going to undergo skin lightening treatments. It is essential to avoid the use of deodorants that contain aluminum, since this heavy metal penetrates through the pores of the skin and reaches the bloodstream. The risk is aggravated if the deodorant is antiperspirant, since it does not allow sweat to escape, which drags harmful toxins to the outside.

Lighten your armpits with these products 1. It is used regularly to remove skin blemishes, whiten and, incidentally, remove dead cells thanks to its citric enzymes. It is, therefore, a very gentle exfoliant. Once a week, we will apply half a lemon directly on each armpit, rubbing the skin. We will avoid doing it after waxing so as not to cause itching or irritation in this sensitive area. We can also use it in other areas of the body where we have spots.

Sodium bicarbonate As we have mentioned, one of the reasons why the armpits darken is due to the accumulation of dead cells that remain on the surface of the dermis. We can mix the bicarbonate with a little coconut oil to facilitate its application, as if it were a cream. Hydrogen peroxide, which has some amazing uses for removing some stubborn stains, is also very effective for progressively whitening darkened areas of the skin.

In fact, its use to bleach hair is already very popular. We can use a spray bottle, in which we will add hydrogen peroxide to be able to vaporize it in the armpits once or twice a week. Lemon, bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide deodorant With these first three remedies we can prepare a perfect natural deodorant. Visit this article: Uses of hydrogen peroxide in beauty treatments 4.

We will apply the yogurt in the armpits and let them act for about 15 minutes. Then we will wash well to remove all the product. We can apply raw potato juice with the help of cotton and let it dry.

To obtain the best results, we must do it several times a week and be constant with the treatment. See also: You might be interested