Husband Of Anne Hathaway

Was William Shakespeare Reincarnated As The Husband Of Anne Hathaway?? The Curious Viral Theory

Anne Hathaway is a very private woman who has decided to keep her personal life private. Rare is the time we have seen her next to her.

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Anne Hathaway has gone from Hollywood blockbusters like “The Dark Knight Rises” to the sweetest comedies.

A theory ensures that the husband of Anne Hathaway, Adam Shulman, is a reincarnation of William Shakespeare. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

This is Adam Shulman, the husband of Anne Hathaway, with whom he has been married for 8 years.

Did William Shakespeare reincarnate as Anne Hathaway’s husband??

Without a doubt, William Shakespeare is one of the most recognized writers in the history of literature. For this reason, his face is part of the.

Anne Hathaway’s 10 best looks on the red carpet: