Husky Care

Characteristics of the Siberian Husky

Discover how to take care of the fur of a husky: we will tell you what the coat of this animal is like and what care it needs to look good.

Like most small canines, they require special care to help them.

CARE OF A HUSKY. HYGIENE -Fur: To begin with, we must know that the Siberian Husky’s hair has two layers: one of undercoat.

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Although brave and resistant, it requires some basic care. As with any breed, when a Husky is a puppy it needs the.

Siberian Husky Characteristics | Mivet

And you who talk a lot about the main care. What is that care that a husky should not miss?? vingrid. The Siberian Husky is a.

It shares great similarities with the wolf, and while it is perfect for fulfilling work functions, it can also be the ideal living companion. As with any breed, when a Husky is a puppy, the veterinarian needs to administer the corresponding vaccines, including deworming.

From then on and up to eight months, it is reduced to three daily doses, until he turns 18, when we will begin to distribute the food twice a day. On the other hand, the long and dense mane of this dog needs special care. It is convenient that we get used to it from puppy. The care of his pads is essential, especially if the Husky lives in a natural environment or fulfills the functions of a working dog.

If we notice them dry and cracked, we can apply a special cream or gel for it. As we have explained before, it is a dog with strong muscles, so it needs long daily walks and a lot of physical activity to stay in shape. The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here.