Hydrogen Peroxide In The Hair

How to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide

Advantages of using.

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All hair dyes contain hydrogen peroxide and along with it many other ingredients that damage and mistreat the hair, the use of water.

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To remove the hydrogen peroxide, you just have to rinse the hair well with warm water and wash it as you normally do. to strengthen it.

Hydrogen peroxide in the hair – Its pros and cons | Bezzia

Hydrogen peroxide in the hair is synonymous with discoloration. Yes, because this ingredient makes the hair lighten, without the need to use dyes.

It is true that it can dry, burn and weaken the hair, because all this also depends on the amount of hydrogen peroxide that we use. So, you have to know that it really is an aggressive step for your hair. It is best to start by lightening some strands, as reflections. But yes, as long as the hair is totally healthy.

Do not abuse the amount or the times. Advantages of hydrogen peroxide in the hair Well, we could not call them advantages either, but it is true that if we have given the bad news, now the good news has to come. It is true that it serves to highlight some strands, since it will clarify them. One of those great advantages is that we can do the procedure at home and for much less than what a dye costs. So, it is still best to opt for sprays that are lightening.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the main ingredients in them, but they also have others so that the hair does not suffer so much, directly. It is best to choose to lighten just a few strands. Hence, a few weeks before, it is best not to dye yourself, always use natural products, forget about lacquers or foams and of course, use moisturizing masks.

First, you are going to take a lock and pass over it a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide. You can repeat this step on the strands you want to lighten. You must wait a few minutes until you get the desired color and wash with cold water. But do this step when you already know that you like the color that this liquid leaves in your hair. The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics.

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