I Am Betty The Ugly Cast

The Ugly Barracks

Beatriz Pinzón has a degree in finance. She is very intelligent, but not attractive at all.

Colored Smudged Nails

The cast of the successful telenovela, Yo soy Betty, la fea; is in mourning after the departure of one of the actors in his cast.

Cast[edit] · Ana María Orozco – Beatriz Aurora "Betty" Pinzón Solano · Jorge Enrique Abello – Armando Mendoza Sáenz · Natalia Ramírez – Marcela Valencia · Lorna.

Actors and actresses ; Anna Maria Orozco. Character: Beatriz Aurora ‘Betty’ Pinzón Solano (Betty) ; Jorge Enrique Abello. Character: Armando Mendoza Sáenz; Natalie.


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The ugly ones are not so ugly and they are very talented. These actresses play Inés, Sofía, Bertha, Mariana, Aura María and Sandra: the coconuts that Hugo Lombardi does not want to see with his models, but also the characters that fill the story of Yo soy Betty, la fea with life. The actress who recently lived in Pereira, is a widow because her husband José Luis died in 1993 and has a son Moisés and a granddaughter Daniela. In the novel she plays Inesita, the head seamstress of Ecomoda and Hugo’s right hand.

She is a woman full of experiences and therefore prevents Betty or the other girls of the clan from getting into trouble, although when they do, she supports them. That is why she is resentful and does not miss the opportunity to make scathing comments against men. She lives worried because the money is not enough to support her two children and she denies her husband although she feels happy that she has no one to answer to. The actress spent four years living in Brazil, taking the opportunity to study acting and directing, and returned eight months ago to join the cast of the soap opera.

It is Berta, a rather insecure chubby girl who seems to live happily with her life and her husband, for whom she has a lot of respect and affection. His biggest concern is his figure, because he does not like it, but he does not go on a diet nor can he get away from a plate of food or sweets. In he began to act in the TPB and in La mama. Then he was out of the country for about a year and came back to bond with Betty. Mariana, Marcela’s secretary at Betty, is an uncomplicated, sincere and gossipy young woman.

After a lot of submitting resumes, she finally got an opportunity in The Eighth Sin where she played a secretary. With this opportunity he began to study with Norman Karin and Paco Barrero. Later he was in The Chosen One and in some chapters of Castle of Cards. From her character of Aura María, it can be said that she is a woman with no plans in life, who after having a daughter went to her parents’ house and only lives to have fun and meet new friends.

However, she is determined, risky and sometimes exposes too much in order to help her friends.