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José Ron, Jorge Salinas and Eva Cedeño star in this soap opera that is broadcast with Las Estrellas. | soap operas | The Stars TV.

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I give you life, the end: Elena, Pedro and Nico, a happy family. Those of this captivating story had a dream ending.

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I give you life. A couple adopts Nicolás; As the months go by, the little boy is diagnosed with leukemia, and to try to recover, he will need the.

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The story of Fabián Garrido, a sparkling mechanic whom Isidora and Emilio look for because the life of their adopted son depends on him: the little.

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We talked with the renowned actor, thanks to the fine attentions of the lawyer Denisse Cabrera, from Televisa. So these are things that he brings people closer to. OB: Let me tell you that I also live it at home. Obviously we are talking about a soap opera, but Domingo begins to present several of the symptoms, not all of them appear in a single person, but it is to note that it is a very deep range of symptoms of a very severe condition such as diabetes, which does not it is only because of gluttony, but it is because of many things said disease.

Ultimately, I think it’s the deep respect I have for the race, for the things I do. I love the texts, which are then written by Lucero. It is that the simple text never fights against it; on the contrary, it will be him. When Lucero spoke to me, I was very pleased; I jumped for joy. He is a man who deeply loves his family and in that we are very similar; I deeply love mine.

He loves his wife dearly and so do I, so there are many things that in some way identify us very much to Domingo and me. OB: Because they are going to see a work that is going to bring them very close, that is going to reflect them, that they are going to be able to see a way out. This soap opera takes a lot to that. We all deserve a second chance. We human beings are here to add to each other, not to subtract.

OB: For now, finish the recordings of the telenovela, as we have discussed. A job that has really flattered many of us. The world is going to change a lot; return to the normality that we had before, it will be very different, so we must be prepared for everything.

Suddenly I keep doing narrations for other places in the world from home and fortunately right now is when they grab me again for that, so somehow I always keep myself busy during this confinement. I’ve always tried to stay active. See author’s posts You may also like.