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Ian Garcia. Singer and Vocal Coach Contestant at @lavozantena3 · @syd_artist · @escola_arteria europareportage.eu La VOZ ‘s profile picture.

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Ian García, better known as Platino Wapayaso, was a member of Wapayasos and Horripicosos, but decided to leave the group to make a.

Current legislation prevents Djokovic from playing in the United States and Canada

See saved news He has just turned 23 and is facing his first great challenge with the national team. But his name is not new to the world of handball. Because Europe has long learned to pronounce the surname Tarrafeta. The current central defender of the French PAUC, born in Sabadell, has been collecting praise as well as individual trophies throughout his formative stage.

He surprised for the first time in the Autonomous School Championships, where year after year he took the reins of his team and was crowned the undisputed MVP for his leadership ability but also for his effectiveness when facing goal. His vision of the game leaves no one indifferent.

Even less the quality that his hands give off. He directs from the center with pause and some magic skills that make him unpredictable. He dominates the timing of the game like nobody else, he knows how to accelerate when he plays and in associative play his best version comes. With a style that marks Spain, Ian Tarrafeta has crept into the list of young world promises.

And in the European of Hungary and Slovakia comes his great opportunity. your time has come. With the senior team Ian Tarrafeta wants to leave the promises to become a reality.