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Finally! iCarly 2022 Officially Arrives In Latin America On This Date

iCarly is an American comedy web television series, serving as the return of Nickelodeon’s original series of the same name. This one by Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress, who reprise their roles from.

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Carly Shay, the original influencer, her friends navigate work, love and family now as adults. Image from iCarly

iCarly is an American comedy web television series, serving as the return of Nickelodeon’s original series of the same name.

iCartly is the return of the original series that picks up the events 10 years after it ended with Carly Shay becoming a.

Finally! iCarly officially arrives in Latin America on this date | EarthGamer

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What seemed destined for another disappointing reboot turned out to be a pleasant surprise, bringing interesting things to the table without leaving the essence of the original characters and even managed to capture a new audience. Other recurring characters from the old installment appear as the show’s obsessed fan Nora, Freddie’s mother, and Nevel Papperman, Carly’s nemesis in the original series.

On the other hand, instead of trying to imitate or exactly repeat the jokes they made in the beginning and only play with nostalgia, this one chose to evolve and adapt to the current context with its jokes and situations presented. In the 13 chapters they play with the culture of cancellation, the weight of influencers and those who consolidate themselves on the Internet as figures, feminism, gender issues, double standards in real life and social networks, sexual diversity, among others. Topics that many did not expect to see in the series, both in Nick’s original and the current one.

Implying that we all grew up and changed our way of seeing life, but not ceasing to be oneself. Another aspect that makes the new version work is its characters, especially the evolution of the originals that remain in this installment. In a certain way, from the behaviors we saw as boys, you could see that Freddie would end up with failed relationships, Spencer as an immature and crazy artist and Carly turned into a celebrity in the virtual world who tries to adapt to the way of creating content in the present.

ICarly managed to mature and evolve without forgetting its origins, but neither by abusing nor resorting to jokes from the past that, being honest, today make it a bit embarrassing and uncomfortable to look at because of the background of the creator of this series: Dan Schneider, who does not appear as a mentor of this delivery.

On the other hand, something that was missing from this season was iCarly, ironically. When we heard the story of Carly and her friends trying to do a show on the Internet in the , most of the chapters focused precisely on this: creating the programs, producing them, promoting them and many of the situations that occurred during their broadcasts, while that in this passes to a secondary plane.

Although this does not make the series itself worse, it takes away an important part of the story since we grew up seeing the details in the ICarly show, its twists and turns, its adventures making and creating each chapter online and the guests that Carly and sam on air.

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