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We do the same with the onion and peppers. Garlic, finely chop. Add the chopped chicken and add a pinch of salt. Then add the tablespoon of white wine and soy. We mix well 3. Add and cover all this with a generous amount of cornstarch and mix well. You can also pass each piece of chicken through the cornstarch in a separate dish, but cornstarch is very fine cornmeal, and it is a bit cumbersome for the hands to do it that way.

To do this, we put all the ingredients of the sauce, except the cornstarch, in a pan. We heat while stirring frequently. Let it thicken for about 10 minutes and reserve 5. Remove the excess cornstarch and fry each piece in plenty of very hot oil. When they are golden, we remove them and place them on absorbent paper 6. Heat it over medium heat and add the minced garlic clove.

Just when it begins to take on color, add the peppers, onion and a small amount of salt. We also add a teaspoon of cornstarch, dissolved in 10ml of water. This is to thicken the sauce.