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Highlights + Ideas, styles and looks to light up your hair [+PHOTOS]. Elvia Sara EchalazHair Lights.

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with light brown hair and platinum streaks several shades less than the original hair color. Beautiful platinum highlights to give it more.

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Cindy Osuna yes of course, we’ll see it depends on how you have them and how long you have that you don’t retouch them! 2 yrs Report.


It is about black hair with lights or baby lights. her hair, even for the most mature women who want a subtle change of.

There is no better time than the present and it doesn’t matter if you have black, brown, red or blonde hair, the lights in your hair are the plus to look phenomenal, it’s just a matter of knowing how to place them well and that’s it.

I use them every time I go to a party or an event, but that’s me, believe me that knowing how to place them discreetly, the lights look fabulous on short, long or medium hair. Differences between lights, wicks and strands You may not know it, but the lighting or highlights for hair are different from the wicks or highlights, although they are strands and strands, the lights are the ones that provide shine with completely synthetic material and the strands or highlights are those portions of hair extensions by color different from the one you have, but without any additional extravagant shine.

The second way is that you go to your stylist with the dye of your choice or with the hair dye that is in your aesthetic and apply it as you wish. Now, the wicks, as their name says, go almost to the end of your hair and their application is almost usually throughout the hair. It is important that you know the difference for future reference in case someone asks you. I have no qualms about wearing what I like and if it doesn’t fit I just don’t get into it.

They can be platinum highlights on short brown, black, red or blonde hair, it doesn’t matter. Highlights for brown hair It may be that you want to have your light brown hair with highlights and that is great because there is no limit to combining the highlights in dark or light brown hair. Brown with highlights seems to me to be an excellent option so that this one does not clash. Just as there are blonde highlights in brown hair, there is also light brown hair with dark highlights with small sparkling highlights.

You will notice the difference in lighting dark hair before and after. But as in your case, it would be convenient for you to use beige, silver, gray, blonde highlights for dark hair, among others, for the desired effect you want. Lights for black hair The lights in black hair are seen from afar because they shine and attract looks from everyone around. Try to imagine the lights with black hair to give you an idea that it is a great idea to get some as soon as possible to look great.

You are one of mine who loves to get ready and look beautiful all the time, that’s why we use everything within our reach to look beautiful. Highlights for Chinese hair Having Chinese hair is not an impediment to your Chinese hair with lights, it’s just a matter of giving you an idea of ​​how they fit your hairstyle. But if you are determined there is nothing that can change your decision and let your personality flourish with the highlights in your curly hair.

Here you will only find the best in lights so that you have your curly hair with amazing lights. Don’t worry, let me tell you that, even if you have it in a light color, highlights also look fabulous on blonde hair. Your style is important and blonde highlights in your hair are the plus that every woman like you needs from time to time for a party or special event.

You can tie them in a knot to prevent them from slipping or falling off, so you won’t damage your hair. Colorful for you who like all the variety of colors and because you don’t want your hair to be damaged by hair dye. They come without loose or tangled strands, so they come with a clip to put on avoiding tangles and loose strands. It is only a matter of you cutting the lock of the length and volume you need, leaving the rest for the following occasions in the future.

The wonderful thing is that they have an extensive length to cut them to the size you want. Do not stay out of the trend that has fascinated many girls and women since its creation. here in parahair.