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Real name: Peña Las Heras, Inesita · Singer, lyricist and composer · (n/a – n/a) · Place of birth: Argentina.

Dora Cadavid (Medellín, November 23) is an actress, singer and announcer "The emotional reunion of ‘El Cuartel de feas’ with ‘Inesita’".

Dora Cadavid is the name of the actress who played the endearing Inesita in Yo Soy Betty La Fea.

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Directions to Víveres Inesita (San Antonio) with public transportation. The following transit lines have routes that pass near Víveres.

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hot head

But he only achieved the status of a cause célèbre for freedom of expression after falling, nine months ago, in the dungeons of the Venezuelan political police. His father’s explanations were worthless. It was no use telling him that he had to comply with that formality and go to the authority to answer some questions.

Nor that he told her that it was much better that he take her, in his car, without handcuffs. This was suggested to him the night before by Sebin agents, an acronym for the Bolivarian Intelligence Service, the political police of the Venezuelan State, who went to his house to take the summons ticket.

They were at the door for a long time, waiting for the father to arrive. José Luis did not expect his daughter to spend the night at Sebin. No one expected it, really. But it was a destiny that had been forged long before, even before the existence of the inesitaterrible account that made it known for Twitter and for the underworld of political animosities. Sentence without trial Marisol is the sister of Inés. Inés and Marisol barely take a year. They made their First Communion together.

You can’t guess their age when you see them. Marisol is wearing a tight sports shirt and fuchsia tights, her face washed, her hair abundant, loose. He has friendly features, a permanent smile. He does not have even a brief hint of a Marabino accent. This is what they told him on October 7 at the presentation hearing. Also that her place of detention would no longer be the headquarters of the Sebin in Maracaibo and would be transferred to Helicoide, in Caracas, alternate headquarters of the security agency in the capital of Venezuela.

But he did not leave the Helicoide. His lawyers at the time, from the non-governmental organization Foro Penal Venezolano FPV, filed the corresponding habeas corpus. On Monday the 24th she had to appear in court, but she was still being held. The second preliminary hearing was deferred twice, December 21 and January 29, and the judge was changed several times.

When it was finally carried out, at the end of February, a three-year prison sentence was handed down. But at this point, the facts become unclear. That there is a sentence without a trial could be due to the fact that Inés recognized the facts in the second preliminary hearing, so it would not make sense to open it. A source who asked to remain anonymous says that Inés’s first lawyers, from the Venezuelan Penal Forum, dropped the case precisely because she, in a moment of weakness and emotional downturn, admitted the crimes she was charged with.

If that were the case, in any case, it is legitimate to request parole for Inesita. The law provides for it, for example, for health problems. She suffers from endometriosis, a disease in which the uterine tissue implants itself in other parts of the body. During menstruation great pain occurs, sometimes unbearable, but even going to the bathroom can become a suffering.

Marisol believes that if her sister had robbed a bank, she would already be free. But it is a case of freedom of expression. They had already attacked her before, they wanted to intimidate her. Although, in truth, he did present a. Hot head Inés has a privileged head.

Very focused on academics, she loved spending the nights in Caracas to investigate. He did it at the Ivic facilities, on the outskirts of Caracas, but also in the house where they gave him for that time. Until one day, suddenly, they took her out. Apparently after 52 weeks, a year of work. And not until a little before her arrest, as has been said so far, but until March 15, when she was dismissed.

Then he was at the Santiago Mariño Polytechnic, a private institute, where he began teaching on September 10, on the night shift. It lasted a month and received two payments, of and bolivars, approximately. Broadcast Live Free Your previous listing was in for 35 weeks.

It does not seem like an example of job stability. It is not known for sure how long he was in Ohio. but it was returned. In one version, he would have come back because he didn’t get a job after a while. Two versions for two people very close to her: her father and an ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend paints her as a woman of strong positions, without prudence.

Nothing has been said about her either. He was a worker at VTV until a year ago he was prohibited from entering the channel’s headquarters in the Los Ruices urbanization in Caracas. It was a relationship of about a year, between and , he says. But Inés did not like that camaraderie with sweet touches. And he felt a very strong jealousy. But we do know that Inés directly sent tweets to Claudia.

Claudia, by the way, had enough to mobilize the scientific police. Claudia Almeida was not someone one should mess with. But upon receiving it, Inesita put it on her blog elmundosegunines. The attacks on Twitter followed one another. He began to name her in La Hojilla, his program on state television dedicated to nightly bullying opposition figures and independent media, often fed with information from the state intelligence services.

Inés also attacked the then co-host of La Hojilla, Jorge Amorín. Change with all this mess. All the problems he had in his relationship were brought out by Mario Silva in the program. There came the successive hacks of the igonzalezarraga account and a communication war 2. He assures that he should have taken special measures to preserve his life and safety, but he did not take into account another unexpected flank: Inesita.

Like any couple, they talked. Mario Silva never replied to a request that was sent to him via email asking him to speak about the case to the author of this note. the rest is history. There are several stories that overlap, many gaps, noise, people who know her, have written with her but have not met her in person, who believe that she was in a place, but not, who say she has an ideology, but not. As it turned out, he was not always inesitaterrible, but he already had to do with his previous alter ego igonzalezarraga, of which only the traces of some mentions and RTs remain.

Even these traces must be selected and analyzed as if they were the remains of a bombardment. Your account was hacked several times. For her, the tweeter sister was assertive, objective in what she put in her tweets. Even so that her daughter could teach someone else a lesson, she even came up with examples of people to whom something had happened for tweeting.

She, quarrelsome, talkative, didn’t listen to her father, she told him that they weren’t going to look for her, that they weren’t paying attention to what she said. And followed. He talks about the first meeting in the Helicoide, and remembers how he cried, how Inés apologized, lamented everything that was happening. And miss looking up and seeing the sky. And yes, she has been afraid, because although she is strong, confrontational and frontal, she has her moments of weakness.

Before being the already famous inesitaterrible, she had already presented herself on Twitter as igonzalezarraga. Among the members of the self-styled Resistance of Maracaibo, mother cell of the guarimbas of , nobody knows her in person. Marisol has her position clear: they want to silence her. And with Mario Silva there is an invoice collection. Thanks for reading our article. Unlike many digital media, Armandoinfo has not adopted the subscription model to access our content.

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