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#JoysDeTV: Interview With Luis Miguel For Today

38 | Matilde grants an interview, where she talks about the private life of Luis Miguel. "Do you know anything about the whereabouts of Marcela Basteri?

Baywatch Actress

The seventh chapter of "Luis Miguel, the series" deals with it. He answers that he wants to start the round of interviews with her.

Some media outlets point to Cynthia Casas as the one who interviews Luis Miguel when he denies paternity, or rather changes his mind.

Interview. Luis Miguel Barrantes Interview #3 DIANA MARCELA FONSECA. one. Personal information. Name: Diana Marcela Fonseca.

Fernanda Hansen recalled a special interview with Luis Miguel

Today I have the honor of opening both the blog and the interview section with the well-known naturalist and president of Lobo Marley Luis Miguel Domínguez.

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Interview with Luis Miguel Torres. The structures that we have designed are the SEMDOR working groups; the Multidisciplinary Scientific Committee constituted and contemplated in our Statutes; our I Congress, which we will do in April; the open day for the patient that we will do in June; our active website www.

It greatly emphasizes the concept of multidisciplinarity, it is its main characteristic? We understand pain as the main health problem in the country and we conceive that it has to be approached from a multidisciplinary point of view, since there is no medical specialty that can cover the complexity and dimension of its treatment.

SEMDOR is the first scientific society that includes not only doctors but health professionals who deal with Pain, such as pharmacists, dentists, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, etc. For this reason, coordination between the primary care physician with other specialists and also the other professions involved, for example, the pharmacy, in which the patient faithfully goes to pick up his treatment and which can advise and avoid side effects or harmful interactions, is essential.

We are setting up an Interdisciplinary Committee to initiate a coordination project between all health professionals involved in Pain. SEMDOR is the first scientific society that addresses pain from a multidisciplinary point of view. In this sense, it differs from other societies that only have an occlusive vision and a unidisciplinary perspective. Download the interview in PDF.

Luis Miguel Ligando in Interviews, the End is the Best!