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The success of the two ‘IT’ movies has turned Stephen King’s novel into a worldwide phenomenon with few precedents in history.

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IT was the first Stephen King adaptation to bear the same name in both the book and the movie.

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It movie synopsis. The script, plot and characters directed by Andy Muschietti.

In the history of horror movies, we have a wide variety of The 7 Most Disturbing And Controversial Moments From ‘It’ That We Didn’t See In The.

The end of "Item", the 90s telefilm prequel

The film ‘It: Chapter II’ by Andrés Muschietti became a box office success and there is still much to say about the.

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Bill wants to rescue his brother. What you need is to accept the loss. Allies: The group of Losers. The first thing that catches the attention of the film is the violent death of Georgie. We understand that it is dangerous and sudden death can happen to anyone. The initial attack is like an explosive charge that detonates and we feel its echo throughout the film.

The rest of deaths at the hands of Pennywise occur in off. Each missing child poster is a brutal attack that we do not see, leaving the viewer’s mind to imagine it. In the first scenes we are briefly taught the relationship between Bill and Georgie. We only see them make the paper boat and communicate through walkies. We understand logically that if they are brothers and one of them disappears, the other will miss him.

Bill’s loss is something that works intellectually, not emotionally. We haven’t had time to grow fond of Georgie or appreciate the relationship between the brothers. So we spend the rest of the movie hoping they’ll meet again. Bill has built a model of the sewers to explain to his father that Georgie may be alive.

Throw a doll and we see how the current drags it to where all the pipes lead. This way we understand much better why Bill wants to investigate the mouth of the sewers. The plot is quite scattered and out of focus. An introductory scene, another that explains his fears and finally how he overcomes his fears.

I imagine that there are seven children because there are seven in the novel, but what works in a voluminous volume does not have to work in a film. The current result is in no man’s land, in what gives me the feeling of being an adaptation that does not risk. In fact while watching the movie, I thought there were seven because they would die. Like in any horror story. That is the second reproach I have. After Georgie’s shocking dismemberment, Pennywise only kills a couple of supporting characters.

Pennywise is a barking dog and little biter. The book narrates two times, when Los Perdedores are adults and flashbacks of when they were young. If the seven are of vital importance in adulthood, I understand that they cannot die. But in It, the tension melts away when we realize that none of the seven is going to die. Although it resents being too literal an adaptation, it has elements that work. The terror of the film is usually based on the typical scares or jumpscares of horror movies.

Pennywise is omnipresent, leaving balloons, appearing at his will, altering the television programs that we listen to in the background or mentally manipulating the bullies. The perfect example of this is when they visit the abandoned house. The clown is someone manipulative, intelligent and who hates children, that’s why he scares us.

The feeling of helplessness increases when kids discover that adults can’t see Pennywise’s tricks, such as Beverly’s sink being flooded with blood. Many explanations remain up in the air, including the past of the creature.

Being something vague and mysterious, it reinforces the fear of the unknown. One of the problems of the Alien saga is that after the first installment the viewer knows the creature well, we know what he can and cannot do. The title of It Eso reinforces the idea that the clown is an evil force without limits.

His journey as a character is to stop being afraid and accept the loss of his brother. The first few times he stutters and by the end of the film he manages to do it all at once until one of the children explains it in case we haven’t heard. Thanks to the repetition we see the difference and the spectator appreciates the inner evolution of the character.

Something similar happens with the acceptance of Georgie’s death. As it is an internal process that is not visual, it requires dramatization. Bill confronts Pennywise transformed as Georgie and shoots him in the head, acknowledging that this is not his brother. And right after defeating the creature, Bill finds the raincoat Georgie was wearing. It isn’t as innovative or different as Midsommar, but it doesn’t want to be either.

It is a film that seeks to be a solid and risk-free film. As a whole, he knows how to play his cards well and create a story in which the clown manages to fascinate us. Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga and Gary Dauberman act as Pennywise, getting into our heads trying to figure out how to petrify us with fear. Sergi Jimenez.