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Cane Corso | Characteristics and Character

From being an excellent companion, to being considered one of the best "guard dog" breeds and many others.

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Discover the cane corso dog breed or Italian mastiff. We explain their character, behavior, characteristics, education and more.

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But there are other animals that belong to the same species and have individuals that do not look alike at all, the most striking case is that of our beloved dogs.

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Italian Mastiff (Cane Corso) and 10 curiosities about them | Feel Cats

Originally from Italy, it was initially a guard and hunting dog. Due to the changes in the rural world that occurred in the 20th century, this breed was.

Now, the existence of the Italian Corsican was recorded in the 16th century, when it became popular in Italy and began to be known as an industrious species, being used for activities such as hunting and herding. The Italian mastiff has been part of human history for many generations, actively participating in any work that man allows.

Characteristics of the Cane Corso This species stands out for its strong and robust appearance, which can even be intimidating. The height of this species can be between 60 cm and 64 cm for females, weighing up to 45 kg, while in the case of males the height can be between 64 cm and 68 cm, and the weight is usually up to the 50kg. The physical structure of this species is stocky and robust, but without losing its characteristic elegant bearing.

They have a wide and convex head at the front, their face has quite marked separations and their oval eyes tend to be very prominent, their ears are triangular and pointed. The tail, like the rest of the body, is stocky and usually rises with movement. They can hide some white spots in certain areas of the body. Italian Cane Corso Blue This is not a different breed, it is just the same species with a diluted black tone, which at first glance gives the illusion of being gray.

Even from a certain perspective or different lighting, bluish tones can be perceived. Education and Sociability For the Italian Mastiff, the training stage is extremely important for the rest of its development.

This stage should start after three weeks of life, and be constant until twelve weeks are completed. Emphasizing that this species is not indicated for novices, but for individuals who already have previous experience. Training of the Cane Corso The Cane Corso are extremely intelligent and obedient specimens, which can become excellent companions if they are educated properly.

However, when training of these species is avoided or not done correctly, then this can result in jealous and possessive, and even aggressive dogs. Despite being a species with a robust and intimidating appearance, the training of the Italian mastiff is not difficult, and can even be entertaining, both for the owner and for the trainer.

Training must be reinforced with positive effort, so that good results can be obtained. They have a lot of self-confidence, which contributes to their elegant and dominant appearance, without being too exaggerated.

Corso Italiano dog care Unlike many other large dogs, this is a breed that does not require a lot of care or in an exaggerated way. On the other hand, brushing should be weekly, thus avoiding the accumulation of dead hair and giving shine to the coat. It is a very active breed, so it requires a good dose of physical activity daily. All the above aspects must be compensated with an excellent diet, completely adapted to the needs of the dog.

Some of the pathologies that this breed usually suffers, can even be cardiac and renal.