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Five Italian Series To Learn And Practice The Language, Sorted By Levels

Ranking of the best rated Italian fiction series in Filmaffinity with + votes.

And that is why when choosing a series to watch, the Italian ones are an excellent option. That is why we recommend 5 series below.

Suburra is an Italian television series set in a town. You will find it on Netflix. Baby, Italian youth series.

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The series has 1 season, 8 episodes and you can find it on Netflix. zero series. you can see it here. ‘Gomorrah’. This typical Italian series.

Five Italian series to learn and practice the language, arranged by level

This overview contains all Netflix Italian Movies movies and series. Netflix’s content is updated with new movies and series from.

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The most watched series

Source: AXN Everything sounds better in Italian, even insults and swearing. some are very good. Others, entertaining and hopelessly addictive. As it is. That is this adaptation in serial format of the novel by Federico Moccia that in the cinema has experienced two assaults, that of Mario Casas and that of Riccardo Scamarcio he was first.

Here, in the series, the couple is made up of others: Summer and Ale. She, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe. Because the plot is what it is and most of the time it is highly predictable, which always helps not to get lost in the plot. Ideal for learning set phrases with which to make the first steps on the Italian beaches when you can travel again. As advice, serve for this and all the Italian series of this report, better with subtitles in Italian than in Spanish.

They help comprehension and become familiar with double letters. Revolts, movements that seethe, the takeoff of haute couture, feminism takes its first steps… In the midst of a climate as hectic as it is stimulating, she ends up hired in a prestigious fashion magazine in which she catches the attention of some heavyweights. Versace and Armani play all the time in the background. Irene is young, beautiful, willful, firm and impressionable in a world of light and shadow.

When he wakes up, he has to face all the traumas of his personal life that he had already overcome and the fact of going from being the boss to little less than a first-year resident. It is highly addictive warning to surfers. Above all because of the personal stories of its characters and the relationships between them. It is special, the Naviglio area. It is not the best time for the carving of a Virgin crying blood to appear.

It has a lot of depth, ethics, faith… In short, it is not as light as those mentioned before. But it was one of the best titles that Sky brought in its brief stay in Spain, which means that for now it cannot be seen unless it is purchased in physical format. Accents are mixed, there are characters who sputter at times and when the story moves south, understanding them is a note. It was quite an event and the level of that first episode was maintained. Of course, seeing it and understanding it, even with subtitles, takes years of study or an innate ability to learn other languages.

Because, with so many politicians involved in the plot of such disparate origins, the accents mix. The effort is worth it. Sign up for free and receive the best series content every day in your email.

Series to learn Italian on Netflix