Japa Mala: A Special Object To Help You Meditate

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In the history and tradition of many religions, we find the use of tools that can serve as support for the execution of certain customs or ceremonies; these utensils have a special symbolic value. It is an instrument adopted by Buddhists to keep track of the repetitions of mantras or words of power, enunciated in meditation.

It is a necklace that has round beads, which when joined together form a circle. The origin of the Japa Mala is located in ancient India and the first references to this meditation necklace are located a few years ago; its etymology is derived from the Sanskrit Japa, which means muttering prayers, and mala, which translates as garland. You may also be interested in: The objective of meditating with a Japa Mala is to focus the mind on an object, with the intention of avoiding dispersions caused by the environment that surrounds us.

Characteristics of the Japa Mala In the beginning, the Japa Mala was a simple cord that was conveniently knotted, so that each knot represented a step of repetition in the recitation of the mantra. With the passing of time, this cord was changing, until the presentation that we currently have. In the event that the thread contains nine fibers, it would be in reference to the Buddha and his eight great disciples, bodhisattvas.

You can find Japa Mala of 21 and 27 accounts, especially used to help beings that present existential conflicts. The sixth consciousness is the function that totalizes and processes the various sensory data to form a complete thought.

In the eighth consciousness resides the energy of karma. While the first seven consciousnesses disappear at death, the eighth persists through the cycles of active life. Reaching the full state of realization causes the awakening of buddhas: 42 serene buddhas and 58 irascible buddhas; therefore, the Japa Mala beads represent the eight states prior to wholeness and the inner buddhas that manifest in the enlightened state of being.

Using a meditation necklace to do so guarantees at least one continuous recitation of mantras, that is, one is said for each of the beads on the necklace. They are recited to evoke specific qualities determined by the mantra that is enunciated and thereby achieve awakening or fullness; attaining enlightenment may take several lifetimes, but mantras encourage the mind to enter mental states that identify with them and free itself from the illusory aspect of earthly existence.

It should be noted that there is no order that indicates the mantras to be enunciated during meditation, this means that any mantra can be recited. Recommendations A Japa Mala is not an object of jewelry and in no way should be qualified as such. Wear the meditation necklace with respect and care; do not put it on the ground, do not let it be touched by other people. Wear your meditation necklace with the intention of bringing kindness, joy, happiness, and serenity into the world; Doing this guarantees that the Japa Mala will be a source of blessings in your existence.

Conclusion In summary, a Japa Mala is a tool that is used to favor concentration and induce powerful and deep meditative states, which with the help of mantras, promotes personal and spiritual development, through introspection of self-knowledge, where finally, with temperance and rigor, you can reach the universal truths, the cessation of suffering and the absence of the ego, that is, manage to walk the path to fullness or the route of Enlightenment.

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