Japanese Rice Mask

Face mask "japanese" To rejuvenate the face

To prepare this Japanese mask, you must cook the rice for 3 minutes and drain it, but without throwing away the water. Then mix the rice, milk and honey.

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Aug – We’ll teach you how to make the rice face mask that Japanese women use to stay young.

The first thing is to cook the rice for 3 minutes over medium heat. Next, we drain it and reserve the water. They mix the rice.

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Face mask "japanese" to rejuvenate the face – Step To Health

The first thing you should do is cook the rice; once ready drain it, but do not throw away the water. Then in a container add the avocado and honey, and stir.

Benefits of rice to rejuvenate the face

Face mask "japanese" to rejuvenate the face 4 minutes Rice is a perfect ally for the skin. The grain itself is exfoliating, so it removes dead cells, while the rice water hydrates, regenerates and firms the skin. Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater. Benefits of rice to rejuvenate the face We all spend a lot of money on cosmetics and creams for our personal care. In our space we have often talked about elements as beneficial as avocado, grapes or aloe vera for the care of our beauty.

It is a very traditional cereal within the oriental feminine world. Some of its benefits are: Toning for the skin: it contains an element called inositol, responsible for skin renewal. It is rich in vitamin B: vitamin B offers many benefits for our body. In this way, it would participate in the depigmentation of chronic blemishes, like the aforementioned vitamin B, reducing those caused, especially by acne.

Therefore, it purifies, tones and diminishes this type of spots. It is important that, before using it, we consult a dermatologist, especially if we are already following a treatment. To get results we must apply the mask twice a week.

It is recommended that, in case of any doubt, we go to the dermatologist. If you wish, you can complement this mask with your usual creams, to achieve better results. In this way, we will be able to obtain all 1 and a half tablespoons of distilled water.

Making the mask to rejuvenate the face is very simple. The first thing to do, despite being very little, is to cook the rice. What we will do now is take the rice and, in a container, add the avocado and honey.

With the help of a spoon we have to stir well to create a homogeneous and fine paste. When it is ready, we will apply it to our skin. It is important to let the mask act for at least 15 or 20 minutes. Later, when you remove it, take a cotton ball and clean your face with the rice water that we had separated when we cooked the rice and drained it.

In this way, we try to exfoliate the skin and remove small spots and impurities. As you can see, this mask of Japanese origin is very complete, simple and economical. We benefit from all the properties of the rice and the water left over after cooking.

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