Japanese Sponge Bread

Japanese Cheesecake

Surely, like us, you were mesmerized by the videos of the Japanese cheesecake, in which it seems ultra fluffy, creamy and smooth.

This Japanese bread is known as daifuku mochi and is one of the most sought-after oriental cuisine recipes. Enjoy its spongy texture and delicious flavor.

This Japanese cheesecake or Japanese cheesecake went viral on social networks because of how it shakes and how fluffy it is, and this recipe comes out perfect.

How to make Japanese milk bread. Recipe for this bread similar to brioche in which you can prepare a very soft, moist and fluffy bread, simply delicious.

Easy Japanese Cheesecake Recipe

It is a soft and spongy cake reminiscent of cotton and is one of the typical desserts in Japanese restaurants and cafes.

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History of Japanese cheesecake

If you want to try dessert recipes from around the world, at Home-cooking we will tell you the step-by-step of this delicate dessert. History of the Japanese cheese cake The Japanese cheese cake is an exquisite dessert, it is called fuwa-fuwa and it is one of the typical desserts of Japanese cafes and pastry shops. The history of this dessert is relatively new, considering the long history of Japanese culture.

In the 19th century, the Meiji government encouraged people to eat foreign foods, and the first recipe for cheesecake appeared in a Japanese cookbook. However, that recipe was not adapted to the taste of the population little accustomed to these creamy textures. In the postwar period after World War II, the United States forces had already brought with them recipes such as cheese cake or cheesecake along with other American recipes.

Japanese tastes began to evolve, and during the Showa period soft cheeses and cottage cheeses were introduced to Japan. In the 1960s it began to be sold in Japan The pioneer pastry shop in creating this Japanese cheesecake was Morozoff from Kobe, in the years Its owner Tomotar Kozonu had traveled to Germany and during the trip he tried a local käsekuchen cheesecake, he liked it so much who decided that he had to prepare it in Japan.

Rikuro Ojisan in Osaka was one of the first chains to serve this Japanese souffl√©-style cake. During the 1970s, many women’s magazines in Japan popularized the recipe and many Japanese housewives began to prepare it at home.

Japanese sponge cake easy recipe