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Jar Of Abundance: Activate Prosperity In Your Life

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Preparing the jar of abundance is a beautiful and entertaining The five most recommended seeds of abundance are rice.

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Jar of abundance: Activate prosperity in your life – Cosmicattitute

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Here we will show you how. keep us reading. That is why, throughout the history of humanity, countless mystics have worked on recipes, rites, spells and amulets, to attract abundance and prosperity to those who request it.

Next, we will tell you step by step how to prepare the jar of abundance. It is worth noting that while you prepare it you must visualize all the abundance you need. We must keep in mind the place where we live, especially because of the humidity, avoid having it in very closed places. With your hands put a little olive oil on the coins and the grains that you are going to use, impregnate them in groups.

As you do this, visualize opportunities coming into your life. Now you can place the bottle anywhere in your home as an ornament throughout the year. The power of the mind is wonderful and how we can attract positive energies into our lives. We are energy and this time of year is perfect to do this type of ritual that helps us renew energy. This lucky charm should preferably be changed every year. If possible at Christmas where the energies are better.

Another day with good energy, it is during the preparer’s birthday.

Recipe so that there is no lack of food at home, Jar of Abundance. Recipes from Mizada Mohamed