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Meet Ryan Guzman, Jennifer Lopez’s New Boyfriend!

It is not a novelty that Jennifer Lopez likes to mix love with work. In fact, today she is professionally involved with her ex.

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One of them from his ex-partner, rapper Puff Daddy, who wrote: “Oh my God” (“Oh my God”), next to the heart-eyed emoticon. jlo.

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Álex Rodríguez, the future husband of Jennifer López, has been captured sitting on the toilet inside his apartment in New York, with.

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Through how much official of the Queen of the Bronx JLo, They are boyfriends, they are boyfriends; This is how JLo confirmed her relationship with Ben Affleck.

Meet Ryan Guzman, Jennifer Lopez’s new boyfriend! – StyleDF

One of the most stable couples in Hollywood today is Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez, despite the fact that they have gone through several scandals, their.

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She was the second daughter of her Puerto Rican parents David Lopez and Guadalupe Rodríguez; He has a younger sister Leslie and an older sister named Lynda. His father worked nights as a security guard and his mother was a kindergarten teacher. At the age of five, Jennifer began to sing and dance and at the age of seven she toured all of New York with her school.

Jennifer Lopez has been married three times. Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa a On February 22, she married for the first time with the Cuban Ojani Noa. Lopez suffered legal problems during said marriage, even filing a lawsuit regarding Noa. The couple divorced in January , In April , she published a book, where she alleged that Noa raped her.

The following year, they went to trial and Lopez was rewarded with dollars. Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs a Both were arrested in New York, on December 27, as they were involved in a shooting, however Lopez had nothing to do with it, but Combs did. Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd After her breakup with Combs, Lopez developed a relationship with her former backup dancer Cris Judd, whom she married in September , in November of the same year they began a terrible couple crisis that ended in divorce in June . Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck a After her second divorce, she began a relationship with actor Ben Affleck, with whom she got engaged in November and canceled her wedding just days before its celebration due to alleged infidelity on the part of the actor.

The media began referring to Ben and Jennifer as "Bennifer" and they became a prominent supercouple in the media and popular culture. Bennifer became a popular term, eventually making its way into urban dictionaries. In January they ended their relationship. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony a After her breakup with Affleck, Lopez started dating her old friend Marc Anthony. The couple secretly married in June Two men tried to make a private video of the wedding, however they were sued by the couple for 1 million dollars, however they were accused of charges of conspiracy, attempted theft and possession of stolen property.

Anthony confirmed that they were expecting twins: "My sister also had twins, so it’s a hereditary thing". In July , the couple announced their divorce, filed for in April It’s My Greatest Triumph. Jennifer Lopez has given a new opportunity to her ex-boyfriend, the dancer Casper Smart.

The couple, who have decided to reconcile and relive their love, did not want to miss the Golden Globes gala. They posed together and, in this way, confirmed what was already an open secret in the industry’s gossip weeks ago.