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The Surprising Evolution Of Jennifer Lopez: From Teen Athlete To “Bronx Diva”

Jennifer Lynn Lopez (United States, July 24) is an actress, singer-songwriter, where she played the role of Myra, a young woman in a center for.

The 51-year-old diva from the Bronx looks impeccable and does not hesitate to make it noticeable on networks; she has enviable skin and a healthy body.

Jennifer Lopez began her career as an explosive Latina, Casper Smart, 18 years younger than her, was her dancer and also her boyfriend.

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Jennifer López, younger and more modern than her daughter. The singer bets on a ‘total look’ to walk with the family through the streets of Miami.

What does Jennifer Lopez do to appear younger? | Glamor

Meet what the ‘Diva of the Bronx’ looked like when she was young.

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She takes care of the sun One of the main things that Jennifer Lopez does to keep her skin young and look radiant is to use sunscreen every day and avoid long periods of exposure to the sun. She also washes her face, uses serums and applies day and night creams. To balance her diamond face, she almost always leaves her forehead bare or frames her gaze with a curtain fringe that detracts from her age.

On-point manicure and accessories A well-done manicure always takes years off and Jennifer Lopez is the proof, because as usual she wears her nails done, with colors that flatter her skin tone and accessorizes her hands with trendy jewelry and bags. If you want to succeed and make a perfect match like her, ask your manicurist for semi-square wine nails decorated with golden crescents and give it the final touch with a brown leather ‘Gucci Diana’ mini tote bag.

Eat healthy Without a doubt, food is key for the interpreter of ‘My Love Don’t Cost a Thing’ to stay young. Lo to a famous American magazine. Definitely, this celeb follows a very healthy lifestyle that helps her look amazing over the years. Makeup with a natural tan Yes, the tanned look is already a statement in J’s beauty look. Lo, but her secret for this one to make her look young is that it looks natural and blends into her luminous skin.