Joe Goldberg

Is Joe Goldberg A Sociopath Or A Psychopath In You??

Joe Goldberg is a fictional character from the You series of books, written by Caroline Kepnes, as well as the television series of the same name, where he is portrayed by actor.

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Joe is a serial killer, stalker, and former bookstore manager who, upon meeting Guinevere Beck at her workplace in New York, develops an obsession.

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Joe Goldberg. likes talking about this. gaming video maker. from the third season of YOU Netflix, where Joe Goldbe See more.

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Life for Joe is not normal, everything is an exacerbated projection of his senses, and of many internal problems. There is the latent question about whether Joe is a Sociopath or a Psychopath. As it has an excellent ability to blend in and adapt to its surroundings. This makes him an individual with a very great capacity for manipulation, capable of easily deceiving the people around him. This being a serious mistake for which Candence plans to take revenge.

When he meets Guinevere Beck [played by actress Elizabeth Lail], Joe begins to idealize the way they met, and the events that follow. In Joe’s mind, the chain of events from his first meeting with Guinevere borders on the divine. Of course, this isn’t the first time Joe has fallen in love. There was dramaturgically past time a girl named Candence, who apparently broke our stalker’s heart.

Such was the imprint that Candence left on Joe; That there is a moment in the series where he says "I have to make sure that you are the one". You clearly don’t want to put yourself back in a situation where you get hurt. We started with Benji, who was a natural match for Joe.

This was the man who slept with Beck whenever he felt like it, and this just couldn’t keep happening. Goldberg needed to know the center of the universe for his partners.

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