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“It was so nice hanging out with him, but I couldn’t do it again”: Joey King on Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi dedicates a message to Joey King for the closure of ‘The Kissing Booth’. After the closure of the Netflix saga, The Kissing Booth 3.

This is one of him and his ex-girlfriend Joey King (Elle). During the filming of the first installment, Jacob Elordi and Joey King fell in love.

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Joey King and Jacob Elordi met in January while filming "The Kissing Booth". Joey played Elle Evans, a student.

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Jacob Elordi thanks Joey King for the moments in The Kissing Booth. The Netflix saga came to an end with the premiere of the third.

This was the love story of Joey King and Jacob Elordi (even after it ended) | Glamor

Joey King revealed everything about his relationship with Jacob Elordi and told what it was like to record romantic scenes with his ex-boyfriend in The Kissing Booth 3.

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Jacob dedicates a tender message to Joey King after 3 years of separation

The next premiere has made us remember that love story that crossed the screen and became one of our obsessions at that time. In any case, we will help you go back in time to remember that love story, how it ended and what it meant to return to record together to play their characters.

Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Although he seemed handsome, she only saw him as a friend with whom she could talk about anything. Little by little they realized that they were no longer acting a role, they had really started to like each other in real life and they took a chance.

It was great,’ Joey King told Bello magazine. This photo was the first of many we saw of them taking trips, dating, and doing cute couple things. It was evident that their feelings for each other were strong and fans were fascinated by their tender relationship. A day later, the actress who plays Elle Evans tweeted the following: ‘thank God I have my dog’. Both remained silent about it, leaving fans very confused about the status of their relationship.

The answers never came, the world just assumed they weren’t together anymore. reality vs. Celebrity or no celebrity, a broken heart is always hard to heal. Some of those things are just for you,’ King commented. However, we were able to get some confessions where both actors shared what their experience back on set was like.

It felt good to return to work on a project I already knew about and with friends I missed seeing. It’s because I’m usually overthinking something. It’s a huge amount about something ridiculous,’ said the actor who plays Noah Flynn in the Netflix drama.

We can only hope for the best and wish both of them much success in both their professional and personal lives.