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Millie Bobby Brown Is Shown In Public For The First Time With Her Partner, Jon Bon Jovi’s Son

Later, the band changed its name to "The Rest", but it did not satisfy the young Bon Jovi, who went to live with his cousin who had the studio of.

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This is the relationship that rock music singer Jon Bon Jovi maintains, along with Dorothea Hurley, whom he met during his education.

Today, March 2, the singer Jon Bon Jovi turns 59 and celebrates it with Dorothea Hurley, his high school classmate with whom he.

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Discover all the movies and series of Jon Bon Jovi’s filmography. From its beginnings to its next projects.

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Introduction Well, this anthology talks about the singer of one of the best English rock bands, Bon Jovi. Personally, I love this band. I hope that the person who reads this also likes it and I like their way of playing, the effort they put into making their fans happy and continue playing making the new generations happy, having them around 50 years old.

Well I hope you like this work that I did with a lot of effort, care and thanks for reading it I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when doing it. He is a famous American hairdresser of Italian descent. He is founder of the Jon Anthony franchise. His mother Carol Sharkey was born in She is one of the first bunnies that was in the United States Playboy magazine.

She is known for being the mother of the famous rock singer Jon Bon Jovi. Of humble origins, she began working in a flower shop that was near the hairdresser of her future husband, Frank Bongiovi. She took him to practice singing and encouraged him to play musical instruments. During the 1980s, she was the president of the Bon Jovi fan club, her son’s band, a position she still holds today.

Later they would change their name to The Rest in One night, when they were opening for a concert for Southside Johnny and Billy Squirer at the Ritz in Manhattan, their cousin Tony Bongiovi, a famous engineer and producer of groups like The Ramones and Talking Heads among others, and that he owned a famous recording studio where Jon used to spend long hours helping with whatever task was put in front of him.

Tony asked Jon how things were going. Jon said later that this was not what he wanted and went to work with his cousin at the Power Station recording studios in New York Jon started from the bottom, in the studios of his cousin Tony Bongiovi. Steven Tyler let me hang around and seeing him sing when Aeromisth was working on Rock in a hard place is something I’ll never forget, said Jon.

He also met great groups like The Rolling Stones and Queen; was making local presentations, opening for other bands. Jon recruited Richie Sambora, a member of The Message, in which bassist Alec John Such also played, then Alec called Tico Torres and that is how his first self-titled album Bon Jovi went on sale in early January, with the already mentioned single Runaway, which reaches the top 40, without forgetting other songs like She Don"Don’t Know Me, Love Lies and Roulette.

The album managed to attract some interest but not the success they wanted. Only two groups had managed to break the barriers between heavy and soft: Def Leppard and precisely Bon Jovi. Then the band participated in the Monsters Of Rock festival, that same year, but it was not enough to make the leap to fame; could not attend Live Aid. Among many other things, that year Jon Bon Jovi met Cinderella and they toured the country together.

For this release they had the help of renowned producer and composer Desmond Child. Fame reached such a point that Jon signed with another name in the hotels where they stayed to go unnoticed. In , he participates in the Donnington show "87 along with Bruce Dickinson vocalist of Iron Maiden, Paul Stanley vocalist of KISS, and Dee Snider vocalist of Twisted Sister En , appears the successful album New Jersey, whose worldwide sales exceed 16 million copies sold, where the band achieves five hit singles.

During this time they were supported by groups like Cinderella, Vixen, among others. Later, when the video for "Living In Sin" came out, the band received some criticism on MTV for its explicit content, so, at the request of the network, the band had to re-edit it. The New Jersey tour was so long concerts that it ended up physically deteriorating the members and in the middle of said tour, Jon marries Dorothea Hurley whom he met when he was studying.

Bon Jovi in ​​the 90s"s The problems in the later tours due to the tension and physical exhaustion caused the band to make a rest parenthesis. Faced with these criticisms Jon declared: Sometimes I think it’s the best thing we’ve done. I guarantee you it’s not part two or part three of Slippery or New Jersey. They are not the same songs, the same structures, but we are talking about the same band». These Days was a best-selling album in Europe, but not in the United States where it was moderately successful.

In a Real Life video comes out where the whole band appears together except for David Bryan who had suffered an accident where he almost lost his hand as a soundtrack for the movie Ed TV and as a warning that the band was coming back again to continue breaking into hits in everywhere.