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The Teachings Left by “Anne With An E”

Actress Miranda McKeon has been on the series Anne With An E since its first season, playing Josie Pye, a friend and companion.

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Acting/Character: Josie Pye L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables: The Good Stars. Acting/Character: Josie Pye.

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Recently Miranda McKeon, actress who played Josie Pye in the Netflix series "Anne with an E", surprised her followers of.

The teachings he left "Anne with an E" – cocktails

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That is one of the many feminist phrases of Anne, who raised her voice every time she faced an unfair situation in Avonlea, the patriarchal town in which she lived. The series Anne With an E was adapted from the novel by the writer Lucy Maud Montgomery that tells the story of Anne, an orphan girl with a passion for books and a human rights defender. At the age of 13, she is adopted by brothers Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, with whom she goes to live on the Green Gables farm.

Self love Anne always had insecurities with her body. Each one chooses her future In the series, love is seen as an economic and social interest in which the man has the power to decide the future of a woman.

Perceiving this situation, Anne confronted the people of Avonlea and wrote a manifesto in the school newspaper about the rights that women should have in a relationship. The article was very poorly received by the citizens of Avonlea, and being the victim Josie Pye was heavily criticized. However, the vast majority knew that Anne was right. During the three seasons they stay together, growing and learning from each other.

Although the class differences that for some did matter, for example for Diana’s parents, for them it was never relevant. Diana and Anne leave the teaching that in a friendship it does not matter where you come from, the fundamental thing is the values ​​and principles. Not getting married is also an option Photo from Netflix Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, the two brothers who adopted Anne, taught her among many things that marriage is not a life option.

At the time of , homosexuality was seen as an aberration.

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