Jughead Jones Dies

How Jughead Jones Dies?

and Tabitha set fire to the Ledger Lodge as revenge after Pop’s burned down, but that doesn’t seem to have had a butterfly effect. Therefore.

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Lodge and Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, the series’ narrator. That abrupt choice came about due to the tragic death of the.

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why jughead jones is dead? No, Jughead is alive!! In episode 15, titled "To die", it was revealed that.

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It is the one that Jughead (Cole Sprouse) has left with his death, so Alice runs to comfort her moved by her own experience. F.P. (Skeet.

We saw how it affected the town, everyone. Cheryl was dealing with the loss of her brother, and at the same time the big secret behind the family business was revealed. With Jason we understood that in Riverdale anything could happen. She was the first fatality of the Black Hood. Innocent Midge and her murder in the Carrie musical was recorded in our retina. Dilton was one of the first victims of this sacrificial game to get promoted, the cyanide concoction and Fresh Aid was what caused him to die.

At the point of ascending he drank the concoction that led him to death. What struck us about this is that the one who pulled the trigger was Hermione Lodge. While preparing everything to escape, Alice shoots him when he tries to escape in a kind of rocket. Although we don’t have Penelope, she would be the one to take the life of who seemed to be her great love… We know that Penelope Blossom is ruthless. Later we discovered that this decision was due to pressure from Dupont.

The actor’s departure surprised us all and we couldn’t stop crying with the tribute episode and also every time they remember the character on the show. The first was after the beating; we can not forget the scene of FP holding him in arms. The second, with the help of his friends, devising the plan when his Stonewall companions wanted to assassinate him.

Let’s hope that the next season is safe because we will not be able to resist it.