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Riverdale: Fans Expose Epic Mistake In Jughead And Betty Cooper Story

Forsythe Pendleton "jughead" Jones III is one of the fictional characters created by Bob Montana and John L. Goldwater in Archie Comics who first appeared in the first Archie story, from Pep Comics #

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In this way, ‘Riverdale’ enters the fourth season, which in Spain can be seen through Movistar Series, with many issues that.

Jughead is a student at Riverdale High School and the leader of the Southside Serpents. He is the son of the former leader of the FP group and Gladys.

Forsythe Pendleton "jughead" Jones III is one of the fictional characters created by Bob Archie. He was the first person Jughead met when he moved to Riverdale.

Riverdale: fans expose an epic mistake in the story of Jughead and Betty Cooper | you online

In the Riverdale CW series, a live-action adaptation, Jughead Jones is more movie star and social commentator than class clown.

Fans expose an epic error in the history of Jughead and Betty Cooper

We have the ones that become our favorites and the ones that we would love to see happen. Riverdale is not exempt from this. We know that this teen series has many couples that we love, as well as others that we would love. Although at first Betty was madly in love with Archie, everything changed. For this reason, because despite the adversity they have gone through they have returned, here we will remember 13 moments of Bughead’s relationship.

From how it all started, to how it almost ended. But Betty had called him thatā€¦ 5 One of the peak moments of the relationship: when they both get ready to go investigateā€¦ 6 He was there when Betty finally found out where her sister was. He was a great support within the drama Cooper. Especially when FP was in prison for Jason’s death.

It’s just that Bughead is hard not to love.

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